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Do not be fooled of some great loss if Obamacare is repealed. The ACA is an unmitigated disaster.

Great to be in Texas. Love this weather

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Day 2 in Tyler, TX

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For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others. 
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Attention all BCBS TX individual health clients

BCBS TX has just announced they will discontinue all NON-GRANDFATHERED plans effective 12/31/2014

Hundreds of thousands of people will be receiving letters stating their health plans will be canceled.

Why are they doing this?
PPACA law states all non-grandfathered plans must meet PPACA mandates by 2014 (they actually delayed this last year to 2015)
BCBS has made an administrative decision to go ahead and transition by the end of this year.

What does this mean for the consumer (BCBS consumers and non-BCBS consumers)?
Change is coming.
All plans will be doing this come 2015

What is grandfathered?
Plans purchased AFTER 3/23/2010 or those purchased before and changes were made to the plan

What are your options?
Talk to an expert to find out.

Do you qualify for subsides?

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Dental insurance info
Dental Insurance Tips and & Lessons 
Most people use it; however, do you really need it?
What is your Risk level?
Do you already know you need work done or do you just have routine cleanings?
Are you “married” to or “in love” with your dentist?
Set Realistic expectations?  
I want to pay $35 to an insurance carrier then have 2 root canals done
So let me do the math.  You pay $35 to ABC insurance company and expect them to pay out $3000 next month.
That is not insurance.  
Two main types of Dental insurance plans HMO and PPO
You might be better served with a non insurance solutions… discount programs
Key Steps in your evaluation
1.  How much does it cost?
2.  Is your dentist in the network?
3.  What is the annual maximum (this is the max the insurance company will pay out in any given plan year)
4.  What are the waiting periods for routine, minor, and major work
As always talk to an insurance counselor to help guide your decision (it does not cost you anything)
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