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Since I rarely post publicly, those following me only because I worked at Google can remove me now. 

For all others: You can expect more posts from me in the future…now that I have more time to be social :-)

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Taken this morning,…on my last drive into work as a 'Zoogler'.

My next challenge awaits me in the new year…in a place where it never snows.

I'll miss Google and I'll miss the snow…but I'm looking forward to what the future brings.

Happy new year!

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Tonight was a nice night to roast marshmallows with the family while watching the Lyrid meteor shower.
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I don't post publicly much, but I'm making an exception as I'm proud of what my wife, +Carla Rippstein, is doing today...she's going out of her comfort zone to give a talk at The Powerhouse event tonight in Zurich!

The topic she was asked to speak about focuses on 'reinventing yourself in Switzerland'. From the pieces she's shared with me, her talk is a mix of personal and professional info from the past, present and future...with some motivational thoughts mixed in for those looking for it  

The other two talks tonight sound interesting too...definitely a good event to attend and a great group to get involved with (assuming you live near Zurich).

Tonight's event is sold out, but here's where you can find more info:

Hopefully a recorded version of her talk will be made available for those who couldn't attend in person. I will let you know if this happens (likely to be hosted on her website at

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Thanks to all in the Zurich office who help make Google Switzerland a great place to work! It's not just about being part of a great global company; I'm also thankful for the special location we are a part of.
Congrats to +Google Switzerland on being named Best Place to Work in the country!

If you're interested in opportunities in our Zurich office, please visit our jobs site at:

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If you are a developer passionate about your work and are looking for a new challenge in London, please consider applying!
Google is looking for a web developer to be based in the London office. Includes: Great projects, great team, great skills :)

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Looking for some Halloween decorations that you can print yourself? My wife's Halloween party designs are featured on the Amy Atlas site today. Congratulations +Carla Rippstein

You can get the printables directly via her Etsy store at
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