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Completed my #ZigBee  sensor mote today. My goal was to make a small and inexpensive sensor mote so I decided to omit a  micro-controller and use the XBee's analog inputs. The XBee radio communicates with my RPi ZigBee Internet Gateway to post the sensor vales to the Internet. Since I don't have a 3D printer (yet) and haven't found a local hacker space with one, I used an Altoids tin for the case. Works great!

This sensor mote has so many uses, but it will probably end up in my liquor cabinet so I'll get a notification on my mobile phone any time someone goes poking around in there.
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That part where you said where to put it made me chuckle ... Fantastic!
+Matt Heilman great question, I haven't yet drilled a hole in the top of the tin for the light sensor so I haven't closed it yet. I'll be doing this soon and I'll let you and everyone know. If it doesn't get through well, I can try to make another hole for the XBee antenna and poke it out of the top. Stay tuned for more information.

+Matt Heilman the Raspberry Pi has a XBee radio also. There is a small python app that receives the sensor data from ZigBee and calls a cloud web service. 
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