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Midlands and East User Group

Kicking this off again as it's been a while!

I've had a lot of interest in a meet up here in the Midlands but had very few offers regarding venues or sponsorship. If this is going to happen we will require:

a/ a venue capable of holding up to ?? people (although we can limit if something small is on offer)
b/ ideas for presentations/workshops - I've got quite a few tips 'n' tricks for the everyday user
c/ sponsorship for either room hire/drinks/food or a combination of those (here a Rugby I have a price of around £700 for 70 people)

Bare in mind that I've been contacted by a good number of new users and a few who are considering moving to QGIS or getting it in to compliment existing GIS software, quite a few from local government.

I'd really like to get moving on this so please respond with ideas/offers.

Thanks to all those who have offered to help organising, depending on responce I'll be in touch.

+Tom Chadwin Tom how do I change the opacity of polygons in qgis2web?

Anyone know if I can set the value of a field if the geometry changes?
If I edit a vertex on a line then set fieldX value = 0 - something like that.

As Scotland and the SW are a little far for me I thought I'd gauge interest for a Midlands/East of England user day. I don't want to constrain it to any geographical region but here in the Midlands we are lacking the chance to get together and we are well placed for the journey not to be too arduous.

Initially I would like to know how many might attend and the best place for possible venues.

I would be happy to receive ideas from possible sponsors also as this may dictate the format of the day.

I don't want it to be too formal but speakers/developers ideas would be welcome - it could even be an unconference format.

Please reply with any thoughts you may have.

I have a spatialite db with a table containing x & y coordinates and want to add a spatial column from those - how do I do that (I don't want a csv which I then bring into QGIS)?

I know this is off-topic but could people tell me what system they are using to manage their LLPG - we have to change next year so i'm trying to gather information on the options and how they fit in with QGIS.

Any replies welcome.

Recently started work at Rugby Borough Council and they have MSSQL as their standard back-end databases.
I've never used these with QGIS before and am having trouble getting spatial objects (mainly points) into QGIS.  I ca odbc into the tables and views and see them ok but cannot seem to get QGIS to recognize the X & Y columns.

If anyone has experience of setting MSSQL as spatial please let me know - it will allow me to keep my hair a tad longer!!

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I was asked the other day to produce profiles for a site.  Not being a big Civil 3D user I new of the profile tools in QGIS and that I could produce images of profiles. However, they needed to be to scale and getting the images to scale properly is a pain if not impossible!

So it got me to thinking (which is always fatal) and I've now worked out how to do this as scale vectors with multi-surfaces.

Below is a graphic from a composer with the output.  I should mention that this uses existing plugins and doesn't involve any coding.

If you want to know how this is done, come along to the SE user group on the 19th.

I've got a problem with DB Manager.  When I select the menu item I get an error message which results in the folowing trace:

An error has occured while executing Python code:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\", line 70, in run
    from db_manager import DBManager
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python\qgis\", line 572, in _import
    mod = _builtin_import(name, globals, locals, fromlist, level)
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\", line 32, in
    from .info_viewer import InfoViewer
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python\qgis\", line 572, in _import
    mod = _builtin_import(name, globals, locals, fromlist, level)
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\", line 26, in
    from .db_plugins.plugin import BaseError, DbError, DBPlugin, Schema, Table
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python\qgis\", line 572, in _import
    mod = _builtin_import(name, globals, locals, fromlist, level)
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\db_plugins\", line 72, in
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\db_plugins\", line 43, in initDbPluginList
    exec (u"from .%s import plugin as mod" % name)
  File "", line 1, in
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python\qgis\", line 572, in _import
    mod = _builtin_import(name, globals, locals, fromlist, level)
  File "C:/OSGEO4~1/apps/qgis/./python/plugins\db_manager\db_plugins\vlayers\", line 4
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Python version: 2.7.5 (default, May 15 2013, 22:44:16) [MSC v.1500 64 bit (AMD64)]
QGIS version: 2.12.0-Lyon Lyon, cd9d645
Python Path:

I'm using and have reinstalled 2.12 Lyon but don't know what any of this means.  I use the same combination at work with no problem.

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