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Anyone else notice a particularly annoying bug? There is the occasional post in my Community that, when I try to remove the post (because it contravenes our published community rules), I get the "this post has been removed. Dismiss / Undo" banner, and either dismiss it or leave it alone, but next time I reload the community page, the post is still there. I've tried everything, including on up to banning the member to see if that makes it work, but the post remains. I have noticed this is on postings that have some sort of feedback - either shares, +1s, comments or a combination of such.

I've reported this to google about a dozen times through the feedback link.
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It is possible that another moderator has already flagged it. I don't know how long it takes Google to delete it once it is flagged.
I had this problem and I asked another mod to remove the posts.  They had no problem.
I think you've got some other mods who undo it. The posts I remove don't get back...
If one mod does it, another mod undoes it, you can just do it again.  

The problem many of us are experiencing is that the system actually reports it "removed", then when you refresh the page it is right back where it started.  Then, you delete it again, refresh, rinse repeat...  I repeated 10 or more times yesterday.  Another moderator can delete it though... Definitely seems like a bug.
Hi +Mark Prince - I'm on the Communities team. There are occasions when the system gets a little slowed down - so even though you requested that a post be removed, and it appears to disappear right away, it might actually take a minute or two to disappear on the server. So it'll seemingly "reappear" if you quickly refresh. But if you wait, it should disappear on its own without needing to remove it a second time. (And obviously, we'd love to minimize that delay as we continue improving Communities.)

Hope that helps. And please let me know if something really doesn't disappear, even after waiting a while.
Hi +Brian Glick Thank you for the comment. I did attempt to delete the one particular post over the period of about 1 hour (not sure if that is still within the scope of the slow system?); then I discussed the post in question I wanted to delete with my community moderators, and one of them tried to remove the post, and when he did it, it was removed right away. I'm using Chrome on a Mac, he was in Firefox on a PC, not sure if this is related to why he could remove a post when I could not (it would re-appear). 
+Brian Glick for what it is worth, we had pretty much the exact same experience as +Mark Prince on more than one occasion. If there is a next time, I will be sure to provide a link to the affected post.
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