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Geez. Nothing quite like a Leo Laporte push on Twitter. I think I gained over 200 followers since yesterday evening after a discussion with Leo on what espresso machines to consider. BTW, yay for Leo for considering the Breville Dual Boiler - it's a great machine.
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What are your thoughts on the Francis Francis X1?
Haha, I wonder if Leo Laporte got a Mark Prince push? I just started following him because of it!
Also- I'm excited to hear that you're still happy with the BDB after more than just its prototype run. Folks on Home-Barista are a bit more critical of it, but I think they are against it more on principle. 
I agree - there's a lot of cynicism just for the sale of cynicism in some of the forum posts. I just shake my head. I have two BDB machines - a preproduction and a production model - the prepro had some issues, but none have cropped up in the production model.

I honestly think some folks in the HB / CG community are pissed they spent $2500+ on some machines, or $6500 on a GS/3 when the BDB does as much or near as much as those machines for a lot less. Sure it has plastic and consumery stuff, but inside it is a BEAST. It is also more temperature stable than my GS/3. Though not as stable as my Speedster is.
And the Leo push keeps going - Leo mentioned me again this eve and I got almost another 80 followers :)
That's pretty awesome! I'm hoping to score an old LSM FCS 2 group but if I don't get it, I think the BDB is my option. I think it's more aesthetically pleasing than the GS3 too so its a win in my book. Only thing I'd like is the ability to plumb in. I've heard that steaming capacity is a little weak. What's your take on that with the production model (I remember you saying your prepro model had a malfunction with the steaming boiler).

You should tell him to mention me. Sounds like you got more followers in last 2 days than I have total.
Steaming is slow on the BDB, but it is still faster than the Silvia (about 2x faster), and you don't have to wait for it. But what's most important to me is that the machine delivers very consistent brewing temperatures through a shot pull and its recovery time is very very quick. 

The GS/3 is a kick ass machine, make no mistake. It is a full blown commercial machine for the home and convertable between plumbed in and reservoir, making it a great catering machine. I feel the biggest mistake La Marzocco did with the machine was cheapen it up with the side panels out of plastic, plus some issues with steaming (the steam is too wet). 
I would love the GS3 and would probably pick it if money wasn't an issue. $1100 is much more feasible than $6400 but I think the BDB is probably a much better bang for the buck.

Thanks for the info about the GS3's steaming. Would you say the BDB's steam is drier than the GS3's, even though the GS3 is faster?
BDB is certainly more dry than my own GS/3 but according to La Marzocco, mine is not indicative of most GS/3s (mind u, whenever I do have a problem with my La Marzocco machines, they say to me "you are the first person to complain about this" - which ironically, many people have heard from them!). The GS/3 otoh is a speed demon on steaming. Almost as fast as my Speedster (king of the hill). The Speedster can do 10oz of milk (in a 20oz pitcher) in something crazy like 12 seconds.
... That seems so fast it's uncontrollable! High end machines are crazy. Would love the chance just to pull a shot on one of those!

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Helped solidify my thoughts on the BDB as a great option (seems like a hands down winner over the Oscar or the BZ07). 
Gotta love Leo. One of these days I should knock on his door. He's close by.
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