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Longest Google Plus Hangout now in process and has now been live for Six and a half hours watch live here is the attempting the longest Google Plus Hangout with the most number of participants. Please join our circle and we hope to hang out soon!
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It says 9 hours (and a half). And how many people so far?
Its actually based on US Mountain time so its at 7.5 hours now. I'll get that fixed in the morning.
Great stuff but have to do some work. :( Keep the hangout going
Just had a fatal server error in our hangout. My hangout lost about half the members. I was able to get back in but am not showing up with a video image although my camera is on....working on it.
If anyone from Google is awake and can join the chat room and help figure out what broke we'd love it..... It was just a Fatal Server Error Message from Google - I did not get a screenshot.
I will for now shut down the ustream feed which should allow my camera to be freed up for GPlus
Okay that worked. Back on live streaming and video back on in the hangout....phew.
11 hours and counting...... hundreds of people have joined in only Google knows the true number
not that I have seen but we'd love for him to hang out with us
12 hours down....many to go - come join in
still going -- go check in folks!
talk genealogy or sing
My hotel's wifi is too narrow for a hangout. My work's firewall is too restrictive. No hangouts for me until I get back to Portland. :)
14 hours and counting......
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