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Mark O'Neill

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Timeless advice.
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Mark O'Neill

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Just finished my first yoga lesson. I've found muscles I didn't realise I had, and was bent into anatomically impossible positions! The dog had to be shut in the bedroom as he was energetically trying to join in.
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Ouch +Mark O'Neill-yoga is tough isn't it?
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Writer, blogger, English teacher
    Managing & Publishing Editor, 2007 - 2013
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Mark O'Neill is a freelance writer and blogger, and the former managing and publishing editor of (2007-2013). He now contributes to Small Business Trends, and eCommerceBytes (formerly Auctionbytes).

He has done blogging in the past for GeeksAreSexy, NowSourcing, SearchEngineNews, Google TutorAuctionBytes, and PC World, amongst others. You can see most of the sites Mark has worked for here.

He has also done business consulting for e-commerce companies with links to eBay, including Nabit, which has made a desktop bidding application. Mark translated their software into German and wrote their user manual. He also has past experience with BBC television, BBC radio, Scottish youth radio and Scottish newspapers.

Originally from Scotland, with job experiences as diverse as debt collection clerk, Dutch bulb packer, government civil servant and English language tutor, Mark now lives in Würzburg, Germany, home of the bratwurst and the lederhosen. His favourite German words are kakerlake, schnick-schnack, schmetterling, and brunsverreck. .

With the now-deceased Spike Milligan as his inspiration, he writes humorous poetry in his spare time and enjoys having it rejected by a multitude of publishers who have absolutely no sense of humour. If you are ever in Würzburg and you want to find Mark, just look for the guy in the crowd writing in the notebook and laughing to himself at what he wrote.
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Fluent in sarcasm. Detecting BS.
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Würzburg, Germany
Edinburgh, Scotland - Southampton, England - Berchtesgaden, Germany - Sonthofen, Germany - Katowice, Poland - Paris, France
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I went to the Lämmle twice with my parents during the summer, but I have to say that, for the prices they charge, the food is nothing to rave about. In fact, I was a bit disappointed in it. Two things in their favour though. The waitresses are lovely and are happy and willing to speak English (which pleased my parents, whose German is not great), and they were also extremely nice to my dog, who was allowed inside the restaurant, and was even given a bowl of water. But the food....meh. The choices were rather uninspiring, and I ended up having to choose a schnitzel (again). I have nothing against eating schnitzel, but a choice would have been nice. But the Lämmle must be doing something right, as they are always packed full outside. Maybe it is just their close proximity to the centre of town, or maybe they see something in the food that I can't.
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reviewed 6 months ago
This is one of my favourite restaurants without a doubt. The food is simply divine and the atmosphere is relaxing (albeit it a bit small and therefore busy). What is unique about La Rosa is that there are no menus (although there is one outside by the front door, as required by law). Mariella, the lovely waitress, has all the offerings in her memory and she recites them to every customer! I highly recommend the minced beef rolled up in pasta (as a starter) and the ravioli with ruccola and pesto as the main course. If you can manage a dessert, then of course it goes without saying that the tirimasu is the one to go for. If Italian food is your thing, then a trip to La Rosa in Kitzingen is in order. Highly recommended.
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Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
I am not a huge fan of Thai food so I had to be dragged here by my wife who is a huge fan of this place. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the wide diverse range of food that they have on offer. They not only have Thai but also other kinds of "normal" food as well, as a buffet "all you can eat" deal (which is EXTREMELY good value), which you put on your dish raw and then give to the chef who is waiting for you to give him your plate. He then cooks it in front of you and it is brought to your table when it is ready. This can include things like pork, beef and vegetables of all descriptions. Then you can go back as many times as you want until you are stuffed. While you are waiting for your food to be served, there are cooked starters that you can eat, including soup, noodles, rice, spring rolls (the huge meat spring rolls are luscious!) and much more. This is definitely one restaurant where you will never leave hungry, or feeling as if you've been ripped off. You get excellent value for money every time. Recommended.
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Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
I've been coming here several times a year for the past 12 years and I have to say that the food is excellent, but they very rarely change the menu. So it's the same stuff all the time, which can get a bit boring if you're looking for a bit of variety. But their schnitzels are top class, the helpings are generous, and if you are lucky enough to get a table on Christmas Day, they have the wonderful Silvaner soup, made from the local wine grapes (and the recipe of which is a closely guarded secret!). The rest of the year, when it is in season, they have the pfifferling soup (mushrooms). Prices are not cheap, but this isn't exactly McDonalds. If you want some nice quality food, then you have to be prepared to pay a bit more. But the most expensive dish is never more than 17 or 18 Euros (the Argentinian steak). The schnitzel is just under 10 Euros.
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reviewed 6 months ago
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Cafe Schönborn is OK for when you have been walking about Würzburg and you need to stop for a drink and a snack (or if it is raining and you need to shelter someplace until the rain stops). But in my opinion, the place is too crowded, too noisy, and everything is overpriced. I get the feeling it's more of a tourist-type place, rather than a place for Würzburgers to habitually hang out. If anybody suggests a meeting in the Cafe Schönborn to me, I try to steer them someplace else. The place is OK but I prefer somewhere with better prices and less noise. Maybe that's just me.
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Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
My wife is a big fan of this restaurant and I have to say they are not bad. My one gripe is that there is never enough tables and they are always hurrying you along to finish and leave. So I personally never feel relaxed in the place because the waitresses are always giving you the eye, as if to say "are you leaving yet?". I don't for the life of me understand why they don't make the place bigger - they are always full and always popular, so they can't be strapped for cash. Plus getting a reservation is a feat in itself. You need to give at least a week's notice (or more). So forget any spontaneous ideas to go here during peak times. You'll be laughed right out of the restaurant. The food itself is OK. They pride themselves on their large pizzas but they don't have plates big enough!! So the pizzas hang over the edge of the plates and this makes cutting and eating clumsy and messy. It's like being a toddler again, throwing your food all over the table. So expect an OK pizza but don't expect the place to be quiet, and don't expect to have the table all night. My preference is to ask for it to take away and go home with it. That way, you can eat in peace and make all the mess you want.
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Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Ever since I moved to Germany 11 years ago, this has been our pizza delivery place of choice and boy do they make fantastic pizza. I can count on one hand how many times Joeys has given us bad pizza in the past 11 years - and we tend to order 2-3 times a month, every month. The food is absolutely delicious and very warm. The staff are extremely polite (although the telephone ordering staff tend to sound harassed, especially if the football is on!). We live close by so the food always arrives within 30 minutes of us phoning it in, which is excellent if you have been working late, you can't be bothered making dinner and you need to eat something fast before you resort to cannibalism. The solution is just to call Joeys and order something. My only minor gripe is that they close at 10.30pm. I would ideally like to see them open till midnight, which I don't think is too much to ask for in this day and age. Plus their ice creams tend to be a bit expensive and on the limited side. I would like to see more range and less expensive ices on offer. But those are very minor things. On the whole, Joeys beats the pants off every other pizza takeaway joint in Germany. If I want pizza, I would never consider ordering from anyone else. Why have cold burger when you can have warm turkey instead?
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reviewed 6 months ago