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More rich snippets on their way: G Testing Real Estate Rich Snippets
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Seen this type of "items" description snippet a few times this week - none of them appear to be microformat based.

In the couple i've checked out, it seems like Google is scraping the data from css class names.
I've added a few divs w/ class=items to a regularly spidered domain to see if the snippet changes. Will report back if they do..

I too had been noticing since a couple of days, although I had not used any rich snippet / microdata / rdf.

Just to confirm, wrapped a few items in <div class=items> and the snippet has been updated. Took 4 days to appear in the serps...

Domain has a lot of authority - lots of inbounds, fairly old, lots of quality signals. Query isn't that competitive, 3 words w/ around 2-300 searches per day in its niche.

I'm torn as to whether it really adds value - would prefer to be able to opt in or explicity say use my meta description, which tbh, is a better fit.
I agree that active use of microformats/richsnippets is more sensible as it gives more control - but I understand what Google are trying to do here.. the adoption of microformats is slow going, whereas a whole load of webdesigners have already done some part of the job in their code...!
Thanks for sharing the css discovery! I've been trying to find out the logic used for that but didn't notice that :)
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