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Mark Noce
Between Two Fires (August 2016 - St. Martin's Press)
Between Two Fires (August 2016 - St. Martin's Press)

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Revamped Website
In preparation for my upcoming
release of Dark Winds Rising this December, I’ve recently revamped my
website. Now both of my books will be available: pre-orders for Dark Winds
Rising and Between Two Fires purchases wherever books are sold. . Ap...

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Star Trek: Discovery
I’m a Trekkie fan, amongst many
other obsessions of mine, and I’m thrilled to hear that Star Trek is finally returning
to television with Star Trek: Discovery .
The new show is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it comes out this
September, and I’ll de...

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At the Sac State Fair This Weekend!
I’ll be at the Sacramento State
Fair this weekend signing copies of Between Two Fires ! If you’re in
Northern California, stop on by. Even if not to see me, the corn dogs and rides
are fun too;) It’s my first year doing a book
signing at a state fair, altho...

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Kids in the Garden
We had a great 4 th of
July this year, and have the garden going too. What with the drought being long
over in California, it’s nice to be growing tomatoes, pumpkins, and other
goodies this year in the yard. I really enjoy the nice summer weather and the

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ARC Giveaway of Dark Winds Rising!
I just got some lovely ARCs for my upcoming novel, Dark
Winds Rising , via St. Martin’s Press. My second published novel, it comes
out December 5 th this year, but you don’t have to wait that long.  I’m
running a giveaway this week amongst everyone on my ma...

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Hooked on Endeavour
Lately, my wife and I have really gotten into a new TV murder
mystery series, Endeavour . Set in 1960s Oxford, England, it follows a
young Inspector Morse and his boss Thursday through some pretty awesome
mysteries. Not only is the acting good and the sets ...

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Call for Beta Readers
I’ve got a newly completed manuscript I’m pretty pumped
about and looking for some discerning eyes to give it a read. I’ve got some of
my awesome reviewers already reading it, but I wanted to ping my fellow
bloggers/writers to see if any of you were interes...
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