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+Lord Blade Oh look, Microsoft updated their feature comparison page for #GoogleDrive and #SkyDrive
Compare SkyDrive with Dropbox, iCloud, Google, and other online file storage options. Free, secure file storage is just the beginning.
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I think the most telling stat is the cost one at the bottom. M$ hit a homerun with this one!
Absolutely .. .. And other than a lacking Android App, there's absolutely nothing missing with SkyDrive
Honestly, there are things you can do with the browser-based app that you can't do with any of the clients. Fetch for example. So it's no less usable for Linux than it was for Windows last week - and it was used by millions for years, myself included.
Exactly .. .. The Web client is super smoothe BTW .. ..
A neo-luddite friend of mine was telling me that the new PC app wasn't needed because he'd already mapped it as a network drive. :P So I guess Linux folks could try that.
That's pretty Slick and all these Linux folk just have a habit of talking crap all the time... ... I generally ignore them because they're absolutely irrelevant. Since the 90's people have been sayin Linux would take over the market .. Yeah right it's 2012 and the share is just over 1%
Amusingly earlier today someone was telling me that he prefers Dropbox and Google Drive because SkyDrive doesn't integrate with Office, Windows, or even Windows Phone. Fresh from the #DeptOfMakingShitUp :)
+Lord Blade It's funny that a lot of people who used to tell me that the awesomeness of Firefox would crush IE are now using Chrome, which is also struggling to build market share.
Hahahaa SkyDrive unable to integrate .. .. ..
Absolute crap as rightly said, People don't understand the meaning on cloud precisely or completely, they think staying within one ecosystem and it's virtual system gives them everything. But here's the catch .. Cloud is not about one ecosystem, cloud is about collaboration of existing ecosystems. Sky-drive does that and very neatly. Android app is unavailable but it would soon be. maximum one month.
Talking about Chrome, i never liked it to be true. people like to put junk in their browsers, endless number of tool bars and plug-ins and this and that for god knows what reason. They never even use them. If they want their Chrome like that they should simply download the Flock browser and live with it.
Yeah and I love those replies by you .. .. And he's been quiet after you asked him what he specifically wants .. .. Epic disaster
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