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Mark Niemann-Ross
Chicken Farmer. Writer. Coder. Marketing Guy.
Chicken Farmer. Writer. Coder. Marketing Guy.

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My thoughts on coding and languages...

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Successful programmers know more than a computer language. They also know how to think about solving problems. They use "computational thinking": breaking a problem down into segments that lend themselves to technical solutions. Programming isn't a linear process; it's iterative.

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The next Portland event will be held on Wednesday, November 12 and will feature Django Wexler, Daniel H. Wilson and Curtis C. Chen. Set in the pub-like atmosphere of the McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, OR, events begin at 7:00 pm, and end by 8:30 pm.

The Pacific Northwest is home to a Tardis-Full of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers, a fact celebrated every quarter with the Pacific Northwest Reading Series. These free quarterly events provide the Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy community a chance to gather, network and enjoy readings from local and visiting authors in Portland and Seattle.

Each event features three authors who read from their latest work, interpreting and explaining their concepts and vision. In addition, space is provided for networking and conversation.

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Audiobooks and Podcasts

Selling the rights, ACX, hiring a narrator or--gulp--doing it yourself!
Mark Niemann-Ross, Annie Bellet, (*)William Hertling

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The Future of Dental Floss

How technology will change everyday life, from taking a shower to reading the newspaper, from getting to work to the clothes we wear.
(*)William Hertling, Mark Niemann-Ross, Eleanor Stokes, Jason Andrew

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It's Centauri Flu!

Could we keep our astronauts alive if we actually visited an Earth-like world? What other hazards are overlooked in most science Fiction?
Lexlothor, LEXY, Howard Davidson, David W. Goldman, (*)Jim Kling, Mark Niemann-Ross

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Do we all really need to know calculus?
        Alaska               Sat Nov 8 12:00pm-1:00pm
        Is it really necessary for everyone to graduate from high school knowing
        physics?  How much math do we really use on a daily basis?
        Melinda Hutson, (*)Arthur Bozlee, Kristin Landon, Rick Lindsley, Mark

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Ghost in the Machine or Grandpa?
        Alaska               Sat Nov 8 10:00am-11:00am
        Is a personality upload a real person? Can they vote? What do they do for
        a living? Or for fun?
        (*)William Hertling, David W. Goldman, G. David Nordley, Mark
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