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I'm excited about this new RPG from Jim Pinto, and just backed it. Go give it a look.

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My character for today's RPG.

#threeforged  1536
Bakehouse Brawl
I really like the high concept: bringing the sensibilities of pro-wrestling into competitive cooking shows. The rules get the tone right, and include the idea of interleaving competitions with personal scenes, ala World Wide Wrestling. Strong direction, and very fruitful.
The mechanics, guidance, and overall structure should be further developed in order to better help the players shape the experience and provide inspiration.

I'm using +Alan De Smet's #threeforged  spreadsheet to hunt for games with the fewest reviews and doing reviews of them.

1548 High Velocity Times at Space High
"High School --- In Space!" Features some simple mechanics that seem like they would work quite well in play. In particular, there is a clever mechanic whereby NPCs because stronger in opposition the more times they appear as opposition. Players take turns in scenes as spotlight characters, very similar to Fiasco. I'd like to see more help in the form of oracles to set up character traits, goals, events, etc. As it is, a lot of lifting is left to the players.

15102 The End
Set on a ship as the crew deals with surviving "the end," some terrible event that destroyed everything you knew. The entire game has a freeform-larp feel to it, even though its structured as an RPG. There's a lot of stuff in here focused around having the players add detail to the their characters and their ship. But I get a sense of a lot of details and not a lot of help in getting it all formed up in a fruitful direction. There's some interesting mechanical ideas in here, but I'm not a fan of the possibility of  "whiff" failure results. I also really don't understand the framing of the overall situation. I suspect there's a cultural barrier here that's keeping me from grokking it fully, so I'd love to see others review this game.

15120 Tales from the Vasty Deep
The players are highly competent space agents fighting corruption on behalf of a top-secret intergalactic agency. They go out into the frontier and provide law and order. The system itself is very minimal, and diceless. Basically there is a outline sketch of the concept, which strikes me as fruitful, and then not much else. It also features the very real possibility of "whiff" failures.

The Prophet's Price
#threeforged  1518
The game is played by using the art on a tarot deck as inspiration for player abilities and spells and such. I enjoyed using the cards in Everyway for a similar purpose, so I really like that idea.

The game casts one player as the Prophet who fortells a multi-stage prophecy, and the rest as Pivots who will play out their lives as they seek their own desires and avoid their taboos while pushing the prophecy forward.

There's a lot of ideas here, but I'm not sure I see how they connect into a satisfying whole yet. There's no real system in place for adjudicating the Pivot's struggles and attempts to fulfill the prophecy.

#threeforged  Musing.
By the very nature of trying to review games based on reading the rules text, it's tempting to judge them mostly based on the "high concept" elements, since those are more readily accessible. But I think it behooves us to try to take into account how well the mechanics would work to support the play. Obviously leavened with an understanding that few designers would have had a chance to playtest at all in the time constraints.

But still, I think it's an under-valued element in what I'm seeing from reviews.

The Deep
#threeforged  156
Military space ops in a world of supernatural horror. The system has a lot of old-school fiddly bits going on, in a potentially good way. There's definitely an appeal to being a team of space marines going over into the weird shadow world, each of us with our own equipment and specializations. I don't think the card-based mechanics actually work, though. And I'd like to have seen more guidance for how the GM produces content for the players to explore and confront. I'd love to see this game concept brought forward.

Field Work
#threeforged  15131
It's got a neat InSpectres vibe. Supernatural weirdness permeates the world. We're doing our best to take it in stride, and the players are IT field techs sent out on the thankless task of doing whatever it takes to keep the client happy. Even if the client is a swarm of psychic wasps.

It's for one player at a time, while the others serve as multiple GMs. Which might go well, but I worry I would feel the lack of meaningful player-character interactions. As it currently stands, it doesn't support ongoing play. But the mechanics are nicely streamlined, and the concept is good for some creative humor.

Magical Mystery Tour
#threeforged  1559
A band strives to achieve their goals while staying true to the nature of the Light that inspires them. There is a clever mechanic in here where the players define Virtues and Vices, and pair them up against each other. Scores in each can fluctuate, but as a Vice score increases its Virtue decreases, and vice versa. 
I'd like to see a bit more guidance for how the World player should go about creating a nice texture of opposition for the band, but the concept and core seem quite sound.
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