For my next batch of mini machinery I decided to design some new slides for X,Y and Z. Using the thick Lexan and a single chrome steel pipe (1/2") I came up with these. They are rigid, non binding and very smooth running not to mention SO much easier to make than the ones I have been making. I cut parts today and have enough  ready to build a dozen (or more!) of these in three lengths. These are super simple to make and I have a very large supply of plastics and chrome piping thus MANY more machines in my future. The chrome pipe is in lengths up to about 24 inches long so I also may make a machine a bit larger scale. The motors on these are all DC 5 volt,160 Ma.
 I made jigs and fixtures to make all the parts-It is almost a necessity as everything really has to line up near perfect to work correctly. Once done to make these it's just a matter of going through the motions of cutting and drilling.
I have designed some new stepper motor drives as well, will post those soon. I made a drill motorized mandrel with a chuck, and a mill/lathe head for the Z axis that quickly bolts on for a quick change machine that can be configured for whatever machine is wanted/desired. I am thinking up some other machine ideas that could be quick changed as well all using the same parts in different ways.
 I also have been having ten each of the DRO boards made for tracking the slides position both with pots, or photo-interrupters.
The last boards are making their way to me now, and I will be ready for some serious building marathons. I also have the joystick teach system for PICs done(as used on my mill and lathe projects) and soldering a few up for testing. Everything works really well so far.
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