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My latest version of the CNC lathe for wood and plastics. This model uses the Ps2 joystick teach system I have been making and allows you to manually create a part and then make copies of that part as the data for the movements are stored as you create the part.
 The board with the display on the left is the DRO which indicate position of the X and Y, you push the joystick down to toggle between them. A hex file is created as you create the original, and is transferred to a PIC.
 I have made several more versions of this and am currently making a small mill, drill and foam cutter that will use the same system. The entire machine is mostly made of Lexan bits and pieces and a few inexpensive motors.
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This, sir, is pure awesomeness!
Incredible work! Just curious, wouldn't the x-y selection work easier with a separate button? Have you had any mishaps trying to press in the joystick with either bouncing or slipping off? 
I am working on a CNC as well, it never occurred to me to use key-logging and duplication. The joystick was a nice touch!!
+Jack Wise Have not had any issues with the joystick or toggling setup. The A to D adapter I made (PC boards Ps2 is plugged into in photo) requires full movement of the stick for any response....I did that for the very purpose you describe.
 My earlier version machines all relied on a cad program/coding to produce profiles. This system just seemed like a good idea(anything to avoid code when possible). It's also a lot more user friendly than handwheels on the machine.
wow - once I finalized the 2nd 3D printer, the plywood CNC mill and the automatic bookscanner I really need to build this too!!!
+Karsten Fuhst You sound just like me....Soooo many projects! If only my budget would allow them all......
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