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So, anyone ever use M&M to run a West Marches style game. I’m jonesing to run on and am trying to decide the system I want to use. I was looking through my unnecessarily vast rpg library and pulled out M&M. I think it’ll work ok, but I was curious to hear if anyone else has used it for that.

I am absolutely in love with Night's Black Agents. It actually pains me that I've never played or run it.

+Kenneth Hite is a mad genius. And that +Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan is right there with him.
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Thinking about using Faith Corps to run a D&D style game for some folks at work. Anyone else do this yet?

These are folks that have either never played an RPG or haven't played in a decade or two. I want something fun and loose and Demon Hunters/Faith Corps is sort of my go to for that sort of thing. It knocked Shadowrun out of the park when I used it for that, I can only assume it will do the same for some classic fantasy stuff.

Logan was a solid C. Maybe B-, but no higher than that.
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Games I want to run, like, now:

FFG Star Wars
Stars Without Number/Other Dust
Shadow of the Demonlord
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It's finally less than 1000 degrees in Texas. That means I can sit outside and tend my smoker while reading gaming books. There are worse ways to spend a day.
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Well...hello XCOM 2.
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Well, with the new book, new trailer, and all of the news coming out of Celebration, it's time to start pining to play a Star Wars RPG again.
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Gonna use Faith Corps tonight to run some Shadowrun. Can't wait so see how it works out.
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