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For years, Inc. has targeted shoppers who can afford a $99 Prime subscription. The announcement last week that the company will deliver groceries to food-stamp recipients shows Amazon also wants to appeal to lower-income shoppers, traditionally Wal-Mart’s bailiwick.
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Mark Miller

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Columnist Bryson Meunier believes that for savvy marketers, the rollout of Google's mobile-first index will represent an opportunity -- not a threat.
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Mark Miller

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Mark Miller

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, co-founder David Filo and others plan to resign from the company's board when it completes its $4.8 billion sale to Verizon.
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Mark Miller

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The e-commerce powerhouse is setting the foundation for future growth in an emerging technology.
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Mark Miller

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is overhauling its e-commerce team and elevating executives from its recently acquired business, aiming to better challenge Inc. with more selection and lower prices.
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Mark Miller

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What's in store for mobile marketers in the new year? Columnist Aaron Strout asks mobile-savvy colleagues and clients to share their forecasts for 2017.
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Mark Miller

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The start-up Nuna has built a cloud-computing database of Medicaid’s 74 million patients.
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Mark Miller

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Describing, demystifying, and explaining the value of identity resolution, in a recent report from Forrester Research.
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Systems Operations Director @4INFO

Systems Operations Director @4INFO #MobileAds #PreciseTargeting #MeasureAtCashRegister @MarkMillerITPro

Systems Operations Director  ツ, @4INFO Delivers Most Advanced Targeting & ROI in #MobileAd Industry @MarkMillerITPro . 4INFO the 3rd successful startup I've worked for.

My certified MBTI score is INTP (Personality type of Scientist, Theoretician, Architect of Ideas), w Genius-Level Intuitive rating (Thrives on all-encompassing ability to do complex conceptualization and to think outside of normal limitations; highly sensitive to new possibilities w visionary capacity) per my Executive Coach MBTI specialist Linda Skerbec. 

"Because Mark Miller has used and developed his intuitive capacity, he is adept at utilizing these insights and has learned to test and trust them. Add this to his readily available thinking preference and his growing feeling capacity, and you find an individual who seeks truth, integrity and being authentic, and who wants to experience the abundance of life and seek excellence, not only for himself, but to help others."

"A person like Mark is incredible in a think tank; unlimited in his scope of ideas; excellent at brainstorming and conceiving new ways of doing things; original, and expansive in exploring and integrating research..this type could share endlessly about ideas and possibilities where others would tire...Outstanding on MBTI is genius level 100% Intuitive Preference." 

"Also, he has the gift of inspiring and developing others—for this personality is a born teacher, particularly at the college and graduate level, and in one-on-one mentoring. He naturally models and inspires a thirst for learning and knowledge." 

Specialties: PMP, MCSE, MCT, CCNP
DevOps, Mac User, Perl, Python & Iphone App Programmer, Networking, Product, Program & Project Management, IT, Embedded Systems.

Extensive professional references and 10pg HireRight Background Check available upon request.

AKA/Common misspellings: MarkMillerITPro, Marc Miller .

#LittleKnownSkill ƃuıuǝddɐɥ s'ʇı ʍouʞ ʇ'noʍ noʎ, uʍop ǝpısdn pɐǝɹ ʎןısɐǝ I

Bragging rights
INTP Genius-level Intuitive, Robotics Mentor - International Champions, Burning Man 2007 & 2008, Internationally Famous Sphynx Cat Boo, Licensed Pilot, Certified ASA Sailing Skipper, Certified Open Water SCUBA Diver, Android and iPhone Programmer, Licensed (Amateur Extra ae6tt) Radio Operator (IARP International Class II license), Independent Contract Programmer from age 16, Industry Journal Article Published, Life-Long Entrepeneur and Learner, Founded Seven Businesses, Two of which Sold Three of My Own Designed and Developed Software Products Internationally by age 26, Associate's (2009) and Bachelor's (2010) Degrees Achieved While Working Full Time.
  • @MarkMillerITPro Ashworth Univ
    B.Sc. Marketing, 2009 - 2010
  • Cañada College
    A.Sc. Comp Info Sys, 2007 - 2009
  • El Camino College
    General Education, 2002 - 2006
  • Santa Monica College
    General Education, 2003 - 2006
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Director System Operations 4INFO AdHaven delivers most advanced targeting & ROI in #MobileAdvertising industry. #Startup
Cloud Computing, Data Center, Software Project Management, DevOps, Virtualization, Program Management, PMP, IT Operations, Oracle, Visio, ITIL, Business Analysis, New Business Development, Software Development, Technology Evangelist, Java, IT Management, Product Development, Product Marketing, Social Media Evangelist, Python, International Operations, Network Architecture, Customer Service, Windows Azure, Embedded Systems, Technology Planning, C++, Firewalls, Certified Project Manager, MCSE, Data Center Architecture, Platform Evangelism, People Management, Business Management, Linux, Apple, Project Manager, Intrapreneurship, Product Evangelism, Global Operations, Pre/Post Sales Engineers, Managed Hosting, Network Operations, Scripting, Technical Recruiting, Microsoft Technologies, Telecommunications, International Project Management, Load Balancing, CCNP
  • 4INFO #MobileAds
    Director of Systems Operations, 2013 - present
    7/16/2013 Oversee the group responsible for both production operations and corporate IT for the organization. The system operations team is primarily responsible for designing, building, managing, and maintaining highly scalable and highly reliable infrastructure to support all of the company’s initiatives and goals. This position reports into VP and will work closely with the entire company to ensure that IT needs are met and mission critical infrastructure is well designed, optimally scaled, and functioning according to the company’s goals and commitments. Supervise the system operations team members. Oversee production operations. Oversee corporate IT. Be a hands-on contributor, and set the tone by example. Coach and mentor staff. Provide technical expertise. Provide technical feedback in the other areas. Be a resource for knowledge on best practices related to security, performance, and disaster recovery. Promote best practices. Identify improvements to underlying processes and procedures. Implement those improvements. Take part in on-call duty for 24x7 operations. Maintain budget, vendor relations. I installed & configured freepbx asterisk phone system @4INFO & saved the company $1200 a month. We need a Sherman Tank to operate the flyswatter to hit fleas. We're drinking from a firehose. #DataCenter #Firewalls @MarkMillerITPro Future great deal more nuanced, sophisticated & closed loop than 90% of current digital ad paradigms. Greg Sterling about @4INFO U don't have to have ur own data. Partnerships @Global_SMG world’s #1 MediaNetwork @Acxiom world’s largest EnterpriseDataAnalyticsSAAS @4INFO MostAdvTargetingROIMobileAd ✔ My G+ post @ personal stories why I appreciate Acxiom opening their data to public @4INFO approach has yielded ROI as high as 400% & campaign results show 99% accuracy. Hyperlocal Targeting - Location & purchase based targeting. Household level & in-store targeting. Increase Sales Not Just Clicks. Require Mobile Ad Measurement. We've been measuring mobile ROI based on sales at cash register 4 America’s biggest advertisers & can do it for you.
  • Tavant Technologies
    Senior Manager Operations, 2013 - 2013
    Hired by Tavant to be contracted out to other companies...5/2013 - 7/15/2013 Director System Operations, Tavant/4INFO. Managing new website operations infrastructure deployment, targeting minimal or no downtime. Hands-on operations and deployment of Juniper SRX HA pair and a F5 BigIP LTM HA pair. Deployed L2 and L3 Juniper Switches as well. Integrated into the existing production environment with gradual moves from old Linux-based Firewall/Load Balancing to SRX and F5, with virtually no downtime. Identified an unidentified bug with F5 BigIP Monitoring Dashboard. Using Python fabric automation skill.
  • Yahoo!
    Global Infrastructure & Network SRE Manager, 2012 - 2013
    From 06Sep2012 * Managing Global Team of 16 Direct Reports - Sunnyvale, Bangalore, NYC, Dallas, and Buffalo * Projected to grow to Global Team of 22 Direct Reports * Contributing to National Recruiting Events * Reviewing resumes of SRE candidates * Conducting Phone, Skype and InPerson Interviews * Working with Key Partners to Monitor Production Systems * Mentoring Global SREs and Key Staff members * 24x7 Global Technical Operations Support, Change & Incident Management for Network, Security, SysAdmin, DNS, Windows AD Servers, Storage, Data Protection, Content Delivery & Proxies * L2 Security Clearance, Certified ScrumMaster. Built tools for 24x7 staff self-scheduling * Coaching and providing technical management for development of Perl-based remediation tools * Took excellent classes offered by Yahoo! on Management, Leadership, Collaborative Problem Solving. * After Problem Solving class, opportunity to take HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR) test and be certified
  • Yahoo!
    Infrastructure SRE Manager, 2012 - 2012
    30July2012 to 05Sep2012 Managed Service Reliability Engineers for Production Ops Site-Up. * Managed Domestic Team of 8 Direct Reports * Reviewed resumes of SRE candidates * Conducted Phone, Skype and InPerson Interviews * Worked with Key Partners to Monitor Production * Mentored Global SREs and Key Staff members * Managed a 13x5 SRE Coverage Schedule
  • Oracle Corporation
    Senior Manager, Program Management, Oracle Public Cloud Services, 2011 - 2012
    • Managed Cloud Operations bringing public-facing web hosting operations expertise to the team; Sr. Program Manager and “Chief of Staff” for Oracle Public Cloud Operations for both Oracle Fusion Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Java and Apex DB services. Managed transitions through two ReOrgs (both inter and intra departmental). • Developed extensive documentation and conducted training for operational processes, including change and incident management, writing Root Cause Analysis documents, interacting with cross-functional teams and providing 24x7 technical support. Developed Oracle Apex DB App for hardware infrastructure details and extensive easy to navigate wiki doc repository. • Provided detailed technical architecture drawings (in Visio) of Oracle ExaData, ExaLogic and Infrastructure hardware enabling inter-department support of systems. • Provided multi-national staffing services for quick headcount ramp-up (80 positions initially required). Wrote and introduced job postings internal to Oracle and external on LinkedIn. Provided initial resume screening and conducted recruiting interviews of Operation Engineers, Automation Engineers, QA Engineers, DBAs and Project Managers. The day I started at Oracle there was a reorg, 4 months later another reorg and I lost my boss, and a month later I was laid off. What a whirlwind! Yes, I am eligible for rehire at Oracle.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
    PMP, Member, 2010 - 2012
  • Tavant Technologies
    Sr. Manager, Data Center Operations, 2007 - 2011
    Tavant's Hosting and Global Network Operations has been transitioned from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century under my management. Manage IT and Data Center Operations (DCO) with a $2M+ budget and global staff, supporting five global Data Center / Server Rooms, HQ and two large Offshore Development Centers. Maintain four-nines production SLA. Tripled revenue while tightly managing slight increase in costs. Manage global staff including SysAdmin Operations, Network Operations, Project Management and Database Operations staff in Santa Clara and Bangalore. Release management coordination with AppDev for releases to QA, UAT, Perf, Staging and Production. Global Network Operations Management in support of DCO and IT for large ODC in Noida India, large ODC in Bangalore India, HQ in Santa Clara, remote VPN users, and persistent IPSec connections to Tavant's customers. Designed and managed the implementation of Global Network IP Addressing, Redundant connections and Routing. Successfully moved DR and UAT operations to Sacramento. Improved the inter-departmental relationships, especially with Sales and Development departments. Identified real costs and improved budgeting and accounting, establishing Hosting and Managed Services as a service and profit center. Successfully negotiated support and licensing for Oracle, EMC, HP, Cisco, F5 and Red Hat. Provided Procurement Services and successfully negotiated with vendors for product and services including Savvis, Internap, CDW, FusionStorm, BearData, GoGrid, Amazon AWS, XO, AT&T, F5, EMC, and Cisco. Developed Marketing and Sales Strategies for Managed Hosting. Manage Alarm System, Physical Access Control System, and OpenSource IP-based PBX System at HQ in Santa Clara. 

 During this time my wife and I went on a Tavant business trip to Noida and Bangalore, and were able to visit a young girl we'd been sponsoring since 2005 in Kolkata. The entire trip made great memories. I am eligible for rehire at Tavant Inc.
  • Tavant, Inc.
    Sr. Manager, Data Center Operations, 2009 - 2011
    Rebuilt the Ops staff and mitigated company exposure by negotiating a win-win solution with previously separated operations personnel. Successfully performed knowledge transfer from IT Consultant providing services as interim operations manager. Successfully managed transition from legacy data center equipment to industry standard warranty-backed and supported equipment. Utilized legacy end-of-life equipment for non-production usage to avoid costly depreciated asset write-offs. Designed and managed identification of Single Points of Failure, transitioning to High Availability Redundant systems for App and DB Servers, power and networking infrastructure. Designed and implemented a High Availability Redundant data center implementation. Designed and project managed the data center relocation from San Jose Equinix to Santa Clara Savvis, while maintaining production SLAs. Designed and implemented a DR and UAT data center at the DataMart in Dallas utilizing legacy equipment to save costs. Successfully moved DR and UAT operations to Sacramento. Improved Customer Relations by mandating focus on prompt, honest and relevant communications with the customers. Instituted a documented hierarchical Ops contact list for the customers. Developed marketing and promotional materials for Hosting and Managed Services. Provided pre-sales support to answer RFQs for hosting services. Established process and procedures for production app software releases and firewall change management. Successfully managed the completion of SAS70 Type I process and managed compliance and E&Y SAS70 Type II audit. HA and Redundant System Designs include HP C-class Blade Enclosures, Windows 2k8 & 2k3 Servers, RH Linux Enterprise Servers, EMC CX-310 SAN systems, F5 BigIP, Cisco ASA firewalls, Cisco Routers and Switches, Corporate and Operations WAN infrastructures including DS3s, T1s, E1s, MPLS, IPLC and EVPL links.
  • eBay, PayPal,
    Sr. Project Manager, 1999 - 2007
    Sr. Project Manager of IT Infrastructure Implementations for Global Office Expansion projects and internal IT projects. Implement IT Infrastructure within new building (B17) on North San Jose campus, moving vaults, fiber, telco copper and ductwork, $10M Project for four floors of Corporate Workspace (780 seats), four IDFs, a BDC, two MPOEs, a Gym, a Cafeteria and a Large Server Room (100 Racks and 20 Cabinets). Completed $5M GOE IT Infrastructure Implementation project (B2) for PayPal Customer Service Site in Omaha, Nebraska. Sr. Project Manager on other Global IT Projects including $25M build out in Chennai, India. Successfully negotiated new $10M Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft, Corp. and several small and internal projects. This position inclusive of the position at (an eBay Company). was acquired by eBay, Inc. on February 23rd 2005. I am still requested for occasional consulting to / eBay for Data Center Operations. “The high availability network systems he engineered is continuing to function as the backbone for our operation…”, eBay / Sr. Manager. I am eligible for rehire at eBay.
    Director, Information Technology, 1999 - 2006
    Scott Ingraham, CEO of (former CEO of Oasis) asked me to follow him from Oasis Residential, Inc. in 1999. Started as Manager of Network Operations, then promoted to Director, Information Technology for, which became was acquired by eBay, Inc. on February 23rd 2005. Former CEO, President and their families loved and benefited from my “sharing the knowledge” ethic, Gracious Professionalism, tutoring and mentoring. They would both be very willing to talk to you about that. "He's not only the MacGyver player who can solve vexing problems (virtually anything having to do with computers in a broad sense), under pressure and within short time frames, but, more importantly, he's a great technology mind that can sculpt and execute complex applications to carry out the various facets involved turning business plans into actual enterprises that generate high margin, fast growing, & sustainable top line revenues and ensuing bottom line EBITDA and GAPP profits. (This also very much applies to Mark's prowess in leading established businesses to greater or newer performance heights, thorough diligent optimizing, iterating, & innovating. Mark is an acolyte of "continuous improvement," when it comes to business process and converting initiatives into fertile profits.) He will rapidly assimilate into your organization, emerge as a respected and well liked, team oriented leader, and he will add significant value to whatever segments of your organization he's responsible well as add significant value to your overall business." Allan Hunter, President of Successfully managed eBay acquisition transition project and buildout of a new office space for 100+ workstations and a server room. February 2006 moved to Silicon Valley. eBay / PayPal Office on the North First Street campus, Performed Mergers and Acquisitions and Global Office Expansion IT Implementations as Sr. Project Manager.
  • Beach Cities Robotics (US FIRST Team 294)
    Mentor, 2001 - 2005
    Team 294 - Beach Cities Robotics - Redondo Union High School / Mira Costa High School (Two Rival Schools - One Robotics Team) (Gracious Professionalism was Essential) Sponsored by Northrop Grumman and During the time I was mentoring them... 2005 SoCal Regional Engineering Inspiration Award 2005 Arizona Regional Innovation in Control Award 2004 World Chairman's Award Nominee Most Prestigious Award ... brings focus to ultimate goal of transforming culture in ways that will inspire greater levels of respect and honor for science and technology - our team an example for all others, 2004 SoCal Regional Chairman's Award 2004 Phoenix Regional DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award 2003 SoCal Regional Competition Finalist 2003 SoCal Sportsmanship Award 2003 Phoenix Regional Engineering Inspiration Award 2003 We created the "Gracious Professionalism Trophy" "Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving both competitors as a result of the competition.” Woodie Flowers USFIRST Robotics 2001 So Cal Regional and World Championship, 2001 Regional Imagery Award "The hardest work you've ever loved." Six weeks to construct a competitive robot, that can operate autonomously as well as when guided by wireless controls, to accomplish the game's tasks. You can imagine, 24/7 for six weeks. My mentoring experience in Google Doc pics video posted below Embedded Systems Programming, Attended Jr College Welding w high school team members (my stepdaughter team's TIG welder), Construction and Prototyping Methodologies, Robotics Design, Game Solutions Analysis, Team Building, Marketing, Webpage Design, Gracious Professionalism, Sportsmanship. My son a programmer and 2 stepdaughters captains on the team. 4 high schoolers and I took welding at Jr. College together. The team taught LegoRobotics summer camps for elementary and jr high school kids.
  • Southern California Robotics Regional Forum (SCRRF)
    President, 2002 - 2003
    Presiding / founding member of the organizational committee for the group of SoCal Regional U.S. First Robotics Teams. The Southern California Robotics Regional Forum (SCRRF) is a nonprofit association formed by FIRST robotics teams in Southern California. Originating in Chatsworth, the Forum was formed after the 2001 FIRST Robotics Competition season in the spirit of sharing and helping in the FIRST community. It is the goal of SCRRF to provide a way for Southern California teams, both rookies and veterans, to get help and to share opinions so that the experience can be improved for everyone. SCRRF was merged into Los Angeles Robotics (LARobotics), a non-profit public benefit corporation, on May 18, 2010. SCRRF is now a division of Los Angeles Robotics and is supervised by the SCRRF Committee. SCRRF hosts the Fall Classic and Pre-Ship Scrimmage as well as various workshops to help teams prepare for upcoming competitions. Beside the events and workshops, teams in SCRRF have formed a sense of FIRST community, making their experience so much more enjoyable.
  • dba we-solve with Cheryl Miller
    Co-Owner, 1996 - 2002
  • Deloitte & Touche
    Sr. Network Engineer / Audit Team Leader, 1998 - 1999
  • dba Solutions
    Owner, 1994 - 1998
  • Oasis Residential, Inc.
    Manager, information Technology and Development, 1995 - 1998
  • New Wave Consulting
    Programmer Analyst, 1993 - 1994
  • Personal Interface, Inc.
    Co-Founder & VP, Development, 1992 - 1994
  • Casino Data Systems
    Programmer Analyst, 1993 - 1993
  • Datanamics
    Programmer Analyst, 1992 - 1993
  • VSOP
    Programmer Analyst, 1991 - 1992
  • dba Computer Guru
    Owner, 1990 - 1991
  • Industrial Computer Designs
    Engineering and Sales Manager, 1987 - 1990
  • Executive Systems - XTree Company
    Programmer, 1986 - 1987
  • Micro Software Unlimited
    Owner and CoFounder, 1984 - 1987
  • HTS Computing, Inc.
    Owner and CoFounder, 1983 - 1984
  • Corona Data Systems
    Programmer and Sales Engineer, 1983 - 1983
  • Computerland (#171) Thousand Oaks
    Salesperson and Computer Repair Tech., 1982 - 1983
  • United States Navy (Veteran, Honorably Discharged)
    BTFN, 1979 - 1982
  • Technical Research Associates, Inc.
    Programmer, 1978 - 1979
  • Independent Contractor
    Programmer, 1977 - 1978
  • Aryaka
    Consultant, 2009 - 2010
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