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Colorful barrel with foam ball :)   Shot this morning - super cool light.  ~ Mark
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awesome. i just started taking some water shots last week. all i can see are tubes when i close my eyes. haha
Thanks +Shawn Nolan .  This is on Maui, Hawaii.  Yeah, wave watching is fun, dynamic and challenging.  Great to see when you close your eyes!!
i bet its fun photographing waves out there... its tough in SD most of the year...
Love the blend of sand, water and sky; what a crisp clarity in the waves! Always brilliant +Mark Middleton :)
aloha from the UK  Wish it was me being delayed by this scenery. I use to visit alot in my younger days. I'm only 44 yrs young but i now mother of 6 children & most of them was conceived on one of these pacific beaches. So enjoy your birthplace
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