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Second person on G+ ever (behind Jack)
Second person on G+ ever (behind Jack)

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Public posting here, family, just so you are aware. Hoping to find any help with my #Treadmill and not really expecting to hear many responses, but here it is:

Looking for some help with my Sole F80 treadmill. Not sure if I have a bad roller bearing? See this video here for the rattle that I'm hearing. It doesn't sound like the bad bearing rattles that I see elsewhere on YouTube:

Also, the motor pulses some now, which is strange. loose or tight belt, doesn't matter, still does it.

I have just replaced the controller board, the transformer and the running deck. Everything was lubed and reattached according to spec. The belt is tightened as it should be (lubed first) following the manual. Finally I have also run the Calibration from the manual as well, and it passed.

Any help?  +Treadmill Doctor

Is anyone on the +Google+ , +Google Drive team on the Google Photos project or can relay a message?  

The new Google Photos (mobile app) is completely borked when trying to share photos to Google+ on Android.  Sure the app is pretty, but it's not functional.  

The photos that were created by the Assistant will not even appear in G+ often time.  The photos are out of order from which they were picked.  The portrait photos appear sideways in G+, Hangouts, and Facebook.  Often, photos from Google Photos that are selected to share will show a completely different photo than the one selected.  

I'm not sure why this was an update or improvement to the Photos service.  It has gotten worse for actual usability.  I understand there's a huge perception that G+ is "dying" or is being abandoned.  Google says this isn't true, but I tell ya, there sure aren't make me confident with these latest moves.  I have had to uninstall the Google Photos so I could keep sharing photos with my family and friends on G+.  Please, you guys have got to fix this.  Don't let +Vic Gundotra 's legacy die like this. +Dave Besbris +Bradley Horowitz 

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Trying to win stuffs

+Dave Besbris​ as you are the boss of +Google+​ and an avid photographer, I'm writing to request that the Google+ team please concentrate on fixing photo uploads and album creation. Failed uploads of pictures, and especially videos, plague the album creation process. Often times the videos will say processing for eons and rarely play. This happens from Android phones, iPhones, on WiFi or on mobile networks. No rhyme or reason. Also, if the video is already auto-backedup, why would it ever have problems since it's already on your servers?

Albums are a frustration on mobile (or the Web) because as we create an album we try to tell a story with our photos, however our carefully selected order of photos is immediately disregarded by Google+ and it is put in very random order. A prime example of this is an album where we have over 1061 pictures of my daughter, chronicling her first 3 years of life with a picture a day. When we view this album, it will slip photos in random order instead of respecting the time stamps order we have selected. Much less 10 photos from a trip that we'd like to put in order despite time stamps. Facebook puts number labels on photos as you select them, ensuring the proper order. This seems like it should be an easy fix for G+. It would also be nice to be able to "title the album" of a post on mobile as its created instead of it being titled with the date and "Photos from posts".

We are avid users of Google+ to share our experiences with our families, but the really shining jewel of G+ (photos and pictures) needs some bug fixing attention. It makes it hard to attract new users if 50% of their photos fail to upload. I've submitted tons of feedback when I encounter any issues but these things have been going on nearly from the beginning with little fix. It's been a long time since we've had substantial G+ improvements (except "stickers" for some reason), so I'm hoping all this is in the works.

(Oh, and while I'm requesting things, please add the ability to attach pictures/gifs to comments and a proper hamburger menu on the left)

#issues #googlephotos #photography #faileduploads #help #bugs 

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People be giving away stuff and I get more entries for posting this. neat. 

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You better use this.... it's endorsed by the brightest minds on campus. 

+UW Biochemistry +University of Wisconsin-Madison +Pike Lab 

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Clever idea.  I think I'd rather just have direct mirroring from phone to computer [like many Android apps do] rather than switching to/from each device though.  Still, a clever idea and I wouldn't mind one if +Logitech wanted me to test one for them :)


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Chromecast keeps improving its worth for $35 lowly dollas.  Great additions +ESPN and +Google+ !

#chromecast   #espn  

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I figured this was only a matter of time.  Sad for the sake of science.  Regardless, these things (rockets and ferrying astronauts to space) should be home grown and shouldn't be outsourced to Russia.  Be it from +SpaceX or actually putting money back into +NASA .  #ISS #CRIMEAaRIVER #spacex   #nasa   

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#FestivAle 2014 is rapidly approaching!  

please reshare this message with your followers, we need to sell out these tickets!

March 15th at Madison Turners in Madison, WI

Join us for the +Arthritis Foundation  2014 FestivAle, the ultimate craft brew tasting experience for both the novice and most seasoned beer connoisseur.  

Notice the VIP session this year is going to be very great with Madison's +Whole Foods Market  those tickets are selling very fast!  Don't miss out! 

Great list of brewers this year: +Ale Asylum  +Founders Brewing Co.  +Lagunitas Brewing Company  Crispin +Oskar Blues Brewery  Central Waters +Karben4 Brewing  Capital Brewery Grumpy Troll +Lakefront Brewery, Inc. Ommegang Brewery New Glarus Brewery +Vintage Brewing Company  House of Brews +Wisconsin Brewing Company  Lazy Monk Brewing and +3 Sheeps Brewing Company  

#beer #beerfest #festivale2014   #arthritis  

+NBC15 Madison +Channel 3000 | News 3 +WKOW News +Genentech +Pretzilla +Whole Foods Market 
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