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Fun game
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You all remember my adventurers who refused to go into the dungeon? They're back! And they're going into a dungeon!
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Yeah, they were all yelling at him over that. 
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My D&D campaign was killed on Wednesday night, and it's all my fault.
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The first time we found one, we were excited, for about 5 minutes, and it ultimately led to a total party kill;  then, when I found one with another group 10 years later, I hid the son-of-a-gun. Call that a lesson learned.
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Last night's Torchbearer game went great! Ran Dread Crypt of Skogenby. Well, I tried to. The players all said, "We're not going in there!" and instead, knowing whatever was in there was coming out every night, set an ambush, and once the spirit came out of the crypt, they parleyed with the spirit, entering into a Convince fight. In the end, they agreed to give back all the bracelets, if she would let go of the girl, and the villagers would honor Haathor-Vash once a year with flowers on the crypt and prayers made to her beseeching the Immortal Lords to make her one of their own. In the end, they ended up not even entering the crypt, and freed the little girl. Pretty impressive for some guys brand new to the system.
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Very cool.
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I've been prepping for my Torchbearer campaign tonight!
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+Michael Prescott  Awesome! I linked to your site over on the post and talked about how much I enjoyed it all.
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“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.”
― Voltaire

Upload is a near-future science fiction novel by Mark Meredith set in the neon and chrome streets of New York City. Detective Jonathan Qin is a clone, attempting to solve his own murder after the last month of his life has been erased. It is available to preorder now at Inkshares.
It’s 7:48 in the morning, I haven’t even had my coffee yet, and I’m watching as they’re hauling my body out of the river. I’m an Upload, a clone. They’ve mapped my genes, replicated my DNA, made a copy, and now I need to solve my own murder. Upload is a 172-page science-fiction book by Mark Meredith. Follow Upload on Inkshares.
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Mark Meredith (Dice Monkey)

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S. John Ross of Risus fame has put out a great adventure for Risus, which would actually fit right into a Torchbearer game. As I was reading it, I realized with no adaptation you can use NPCs from Risus for Torchbearer. Just use the level of the character's Cliche as their Nature or skill.
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Mark Meredith (Dice Monkey)

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My D&D campaign was killed on Wednesday night, and it's all my fault.
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+Mark Meredith​ It's like handling a Wish spell. Here's what you do, rewind the campaign back to the beginning and put them back at the level they started at. The demons were never summoned because it hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean it never will happen. Except the party has to try to physically prevent the summoning now, if they can. Being low level it's not likely.

They'll never do it again.
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I ran The Dread Crypt of Skogenby, as I mentioned last week. I've finally written up how it went in detail.
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+Jim Morris : That's what they're going to find out next week. We'll have to see how he reacts.
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+Michael Prescott, I've updated your mega map for my home game to include Skogenby and the House of the Three Squires.
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I liked it, and I still wish they'd have called it D&D Tactics.
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