Updated 18 Nov 2016: "Link-dropping" will be considered Spam, and count as your Zero-Strikes immediate (or when we get to it) ban, block, and report to Google.

Do not simply drop a link to your blog, company website, YouTube video, other forum/site, nor anything else. Even if it is "expat/immigrant" related, even if it is about Uruguay life. If you do not write at least a few words, specific to the audience of this community about its relevance to all of us in or considering Uruguay living, then do not post it. Yes, even if it is a "life in Uruguay blog".

You need to participate with meaningful content to be allowed to post links.

Note that violating a G+ Community's terms of service makes it a violation of Google's own rules, even if your post might have been OK elsewhere on Google services. Which means you/your company can lose not only your access to this Community, not only your access to (still not dead!) Google+, but your entire Google Account. Your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos, AdSense, AdWords, even being able to use your Android phone or tablet.

With apologies to Philip K. Dick, "Flow my tears, the Community Owner said."

--- now back to the original anti-spam message ---

¡Basta con SPAM! Community owners myself and +Lisa Mercer are  in a zero-tolerance mood about spammy posts. Especially because other members of the Community are starting to complain.

ZERO STRIKES. Post a spammy post and you're simultaneous Blocked, Banned from the community, and reported to Google for violation. Note that "reported to Google" can lead to you losing your ENTIRE Google account - Gmail, Google Calendar, all your YouTube comments, your YouTube channel, your Google Play purchases, your Android login...

And if you have a website linked to by your SPAM, I just might try to get it taken down for violation of your hosting company's terms of service. Same if your email account can be determined. Had an affiliate link? You're getting reported to Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Shareasale, Linkshare, or whomever else you use. You might lose your whole moneymaker scam. Note that I'm pretty good about tracking down that kind of thing.

Go ahead, make my day.
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