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The insanity of the time warp Obama complains about is his own: refusal to allow Cuba to participate, refusal to consider legalizing drugs to end the drug wars, keeping Guantanamo as private little terror colony.

And the astonishing arrogance to think that it is even up to the USA to determine whether or not Cuba may participate.

The world has left the dysfunctional, dying empire of the USA behind. We just don't realize it yet.

Well some of us do. Which is why my wife already has moved ahead of me to Uruguay and I am completing my move with our pets next month.
No final statement expected from Colombia meeting after Latin American nations pressure US to allow Cuban participation.
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Yes. Commented elsewhere on Rouseff chewing out Obama. Isn't it wonderfully ironic to have a South American president telling off us for having a devalued increasingly worthless currency instead of the reverse?
Argentina is a bit of an outlier with La Cristina Evita II flailing about trying as a neo-Peronist to keep power and lavish dreams alive.

The real action is with Brasil, Chile, and small but strong economies like Uruguay. Peru isn't looking bad these days either.

I personally like CFK's flair and style, resilience in the loss of her husband, subsequent clinical depression, and that botched thyroid cancer diagnosis with unnecessary removal of the whole gland. She seems personally unbeatable with whatever the universe throws at her. And in her first couple of years in office following her husband Nestor Kirchner's terms, appeared more pragmatic and effective than him

But she's flailing and in over her head. We're seeing currency restrictions, trade barriers even against Mercosur partners in violation of treaty, and nationalizations. Plus Malvinas/Falklands sabre-rattling. Expect more of the above.

Yet no worse than the USA under our current and recent presidents. Nationalization and forced industrial policy: Have you driven a Fiat lately, from Fiat-Chrysler? AIG, Fannie-Freddie takeover. Non-Stimulus Stimulus bill full of payoff to union supporters, nationalization by any other name of GM to hand it over to the UAW supporters. Bill Clinton going all cruise missle in the Lewinsky Impeachment days. Iraq war and the perma-war to keep Boeing, Halliburton, Blackwater, Lockheed Martin happily donating the big bucks.

Yes, Argentina is backsliding a bit towards banana republic status. But the US is too, perhaps even more so from where we claim to be on the so-called "Developed-Developing" continuum.
"+Gary Johnson trys to inject cannabis legalization into the presidential debates": ; also to end drug prohibition / wars; they're not going to talk about it otherwise;
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