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Mark McGee
Freelance online marketing consultant; offering strategic and web analytics advice to businesses of all sizes
Freelance online marketing consultant; offering strategic and web analytics advice to businesses of all sizes

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Very useful list of resources
Infographic Toolbox - All You Need to Create Awesome Infographics

We have researched and curated this categorised list of resources to introduce you to the topic of Infographics. You will find links to a wealth of learning about why and how to create awesome Infographics and included at the end are links to Google+ Communities where you can further discuss and learn about Infographics to improve your knowledge and skills

Great Reasons to Create Infographics
► Beginners guide to creating an infographic -
► Resources and Tutorials -
► Start Building Your Infographic Here -
► “Out of 5 million infographics only 1.3% will give you an orgasm” -
► Benefits of infographics -
► 9 Awesome Reasons To Use Infographics In Your Content Marketing -
► 6 Benefits Using Infographics -
► 10 Reasons why Infographics Work -
► Why Do Infographics Work -

Psychology of Infographics
► Why People Still People Still Prefer Infographics -
► Why Your Brain Craves Infographics -
► Why Infographics Rule -
► 7 Top Reasons Why Infographics Work¬ -  
► Simple Is Powerful: Why Infographics Work for everyone -

Getting Your Infographic Right
► Infographic research -
► Infographic of infographics -
► Link building with Infographics -

How to Create an Awesome Infographic
► How to create Awesome Infographics -
► How to create an infographic in an hour or less -
► How to Create an Animated Infographic -

Finding the Data for your infographic
► Data Government -
► UK Government Datasets -
► Office of National Statistics -
► UK 2011 Census -
► United Nations Statistics -  
► World Health Organisation -
► Worldometer -

Organising Your Infographic
► Themes for a good infographic -
► Infographic Design -
► The anatomy of a great infographic -

Examples of Successful Infographics
► Marketing with Infographics -
► What Are The Odds, View over 2 million times -
► What Happens In an Internet Minute -
► Game of Thrones –
► Jaws Infographic -
► The Greatest Ever Infographic -
► An Example Of Great Infographics Which Perfectly Portray Facts And Figures -
► Infographic of Infographics -  
► The History and Future of Everything -
► Kantar: Information is Beautiful Awards -

What to Avoid When Making an Infographic
► 19 Warning Signs Your Infographics Stinks -
► How not to make an infographic: four examples to avoid -
► Bad Infographics – How They Happen And How You Can Avoid Making Them -
► Infographic Topics You Should Avoid -
► When Infographics Go Bad Or How Not To Design Data Visualization -

Examples of Bad infographics
► The Guardian’s 16 Useless Infographics -
► Tumblr - Terrible Infographics –
► Pinterest - Bad Infographics -
► Most Ugly & Useless Infographic Competition: The Winners -
► A Brief History of Pallet Racks -
► Is This Worst Ever Infographic? -
► The Top 10 Worst Infographics Ever Created -
► Worst Infographic Ever -
► Have Infographics Jumped The Shark -

Tools for Making Infographics

Free Tools
► Vizualize -
► Google Developers -
► -
► Piktochart -
► -
► -
► InFoto Free -
► Venngage -
► Dipity -
► GetAbout.Me -

Paid Tools
►  Tableau -
► Datavisualization -
► Omnigraffle -
► Balsamiq -

*Books *
► Information Is Beautiful -
► Infographica -
► Cool Infographics -
► The Power of Infographics -

Google+ Communities
► Infographic Plus -
► Infographic Park -
► Data Visualization & Infographics -
► World of Infographics -
► Infographics -
► Data Visualization -

#infographic #visualisation #visualizedata

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Latest project powered by InfoJuice is now live

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“Our future depends on one single moment, of one impossible day.
The day I have been running from all my life.
The Day of the Doctor.”

Watch the very special 50 year trailer! 

#SaveTheDay #DoctorWho

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4 Infographics To Understand The Google's Hummingbird Search Algorithm With New SEO Optimization Check List

The new Humming bird algorithm incorporates Google's Knowledge Graph and an increase in Semantic search that produces better results for complex searches by understanding the intent of the searcher.

Google's engineer Amit Singhal explained

"For example you want to compare 2 things: How much saturated fat is in butter versus olive oil? Now you can simply tell Google: "Compare butter with olive oil". Our new comparison tool gives you new insights by letting you compose your own answer.

In fact this aspect is much more powerful with mobile as users can speak their search query and have Google return even better results: This means that SEO for mobile is becoming even more vital for marketers to include in their online marketing plans.

Optimizing for hummingbird means targeting your content to more than just keywords: Now it's about including more discussion in your content rather than descriptions. Here's a checklist of things to consider for "Hummy".

The hummingbird check list

1. Increase user generated content on your site with forums, reviews, Question and Answers, and more while targeting them to the topic of your keywords.

2. Go beyond keyword research by researching how your keywords topic is discussed online and incorporate this into your content.

3. Connect your "conversational" content with others via social media by sharing and contributing. Join their discussion and add value.

4. Target those who are "influencers" in your subject-matter and become connected with them in order to build up your authority.

5. Generate fun and informative media, from videos to infographics, that speak to popular aspects of your topic and share them.

Visit rest of 3 infographics here:

Also visit my board to Pin all 4 infographics:

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Just 20% of businesses tie data collection to business objectives

Only one-fifth of businesses (20%) have a company-wide strategy that ties data collection and analysis to business objectives, according to a new report Econsultancy and Lynchpin.

The proportion of companies who claim to be working a strategy has remained at around 60% since 2009, which indicates that these companies aren’t having much success at achieving their objectives.

People, process and strategy are still the biggest barriers to effective #digital   #analytics  

You can read more here:


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Yep, that's what John Mueller said yesterday in the hangout.

In my opinion this is only one of the many recent steps towards the inconvenient truth that Google has some difficulties to tell: you shouldn't build backlinks. (and here "building" means "creating")

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Often something I come across. I also see clients sometimes offer me their username/passwords which I refuse & always ask to be added as an admin so they retain control
Tip of the Week: Manage User Permissions Wisely
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

If you manage a Google Analytics account you should monitor user permissions closely. Very often previous employees or consultants keep having access to your account, which is not recommended.

The good news is that it is extremely easy to manage user permissions! Log in to your account and click on Admin (right end of the upper orange bar navigation). Then click on User Management and you will see who has access to the account.

It is a common practice to add general emails (such as so that a whole team can use the same login. While this facilitates user management, this is not a good practice as it is not possible to know who has access to a group email. Always add permissions on a person by person basis, this makes it easier to know exactly who has access to your Analytics account.

If you want to learn more about User Permissions, read our Help Center article about the subject:

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Some really good pointers - a must-read
The anatomy of a perfect web page

Brilliant post by Chris Gilchrist.

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Nice clear flow chart for campaign & traffic sources in Google Analytics
Campaigns & Traffic Sources - Processing Flow Reference

I really enjoy surfing around the +Google Analytics developer website, I believe it is the richest source of information about the tool, and it is updated very often.

The flow chart below describes how GA defines the traffic source for each website visit. Read more about it at

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Honored to be part of this piece with such illustrious co-interviewees: +Jer Thorp, Josh Smith, and +Edward Tufte.
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