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I have a bet with my boss today! He thinks that using Google+ is a waste of time, not a realistic networking tool and does not see the benefit. So he has agreed to give me $1 for every +1 / comment I get. Considering I have over 500 connections I think I can get an iPad out of this. Start +1'ing this update or leave your comment! :D
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Seriously? I think this will be the most valuable network because it's more of a collaboration tool than 'just' a social network!
Honestly, I have only a few connections at this point and only 1 of them is really updating G+ at this point.
+ tag some of your friends here in the comments so they'll come and comment ;-)

+Dennis Carpenter Do you think G+ is a good networking tool?
But in the real world +1 does not equal a $1... not yet anyway. Good luck!
+Mark Lucio So if a person G+s you get a $1 if that same person gives a comment do you Also get a $1? What about SHARING of your post?

Is everyone G+ing & Sharing too?
I commented, shared and +1ed - hope everyone else is too!
Bet he didn't take "share" into account.
If you get to $5,000 you're gonna have to start buying us drinks!
Start and finish buying us drinks.
Give the man his money Mr. Boss.
I'm pretty sure you are gonna win this one! +1'd!
Can't help but help prove a boss wrong ;)
I'll add my comment and +1 if you'll look into an Android tablet before you buy your iPad. Good luck. :-)
Depending upon what you do, G+ has so many avenues to create presence with your relationships that drive sales . . .not instantly. But it does.
Hello Mark. What a great day. Will add my + now.
good luck! there... that's 2 bucks for ya... :-)
Why would your boss pay $1 for something he doesn't care about? I mean that my boss knows G+ and asks "Will G+ bring me more sales"...
I would pay you $1 for each +1 if you talk about me ;) - Same for your boss, am I wrong? (The one million dollar post lol)

+Mark Lucio 11.26 pm: Sounds like you've earned $90. Pay me a beer ^^
He has no idea. My followers increased more in one month here than in 3 years on my fanpage at FB. There have been many 'unofficial' comparisons of posts from here to there and Google+ wins hands down. I will share to help your cause!
Another, sweet dollar added to the tally.
This is a great reason to say hello to you and your boss :)
Yeah..... Social media is a waste of time. Isn't that what they told the guy who build Facebook? And the guy who built FedEx?

Connecting with friends, family, coworkers, and interesting people in a robust, portable, and extensible environment is a waste of time? I'm not sure that's even possible.

Also, I suspect everyone would agree World Of Warcraft is a waste of time. It also brings in $2,000,000,000 a year in subscription revenue alone. Ask him to check his ROE against World Of Warcraft.
Another vote - go check out an android first though? The device will end up as a screen.
send me chocolate man...when you win this bet.....this is your 1 dollar.......
This must be fake. Who'd be foolish enough to make an unbounded bet like this?

In any case, here's an additional dollar. :-)
Well, even though G+ is still new, it is growing exponentially! It might not be the best marketing/networking tool out there, but it should not be ignored.
Google plus is pretty much the future of networking it leaves the other social networks in the dust as far as business models are concerned.
Google+ will leave FB in the dust. Stream easier to follow, management of followers/friends in control of user (hence, the stream), will be business advantageous because of visual with immediate conversation stream.... I could go on and on.
You are going to have to track down all your shares and count the +1's from there as well. Totally sweet!
I have made more "connections" on G+ in the last month than I have on every other social network combined in my lifetime. Here's a $1 on me and another follower.
Spend it wisely. Hope he gives you a raise too. ;)
so, do you just get a buck for the +1's on this original post? or a +1 for the comments too? how about the +1's on the comments themselves?

Also, for your boss. I never met you before, this was recommended for me to check out by someone else I'm following.

Yes, it's a social network. And a damned good one.
Here is JUST how cool G+ is as a networking tool and a source for collaboration: I don't even know you

You're welcome :-)
helping prove your boss wrong!
silly boss, is the business going to use G+ when commercial opens up?
my $2! Good luck, enjoy that iPad :-)
Sounds like your boss isn't a person of change. 
I hope you're able to show him how powerful this thing really is.
so will this convince boss to use g+ when the commercial version rolls out
from what I count, not including adding plusses from inside comments you are at 278. hope your boss is standing over your shoulder while you gleefully gloat about this.
Hehehe I think your boss is not going to like the results of this at all.
Good lick! but I think you should get something make your boss jealous. :D
A +1 and this comment to get you your iPad. :)
three hundred bucks in an hour... Your boss should call it now before someone with a LOT of followers shares it.
I'll help you out - Got any admin poitions open???? I'm job hunting!!!
I hope this changes your life.
let the guy literally pay for his lack of foresight. +1'ed AND commented. ;)
Can we share your iPad for helping?
Let me know if you want an app written for your new iPad. Or, if you decide to buy an Android based tablet, I can help you out there too.
Your boss is wrong. Take his money with a smile :)
I'm going to comment with the argument that this is probably a ruse to shine us all on, but I'm a cynic and I'd love for you to get an iPad if you really can get one 8) So here is my + for ya :D
This is going to cost :-)... do you get to add the comments and the +1s together?
Enjoy the new's not far away :-)
Can you double dip? $1 for a +1 and $1 for a comment?
What does bossman think is a realistic networking tool?
Tell your boss he's utterly wrong!... Never underestimate the power of Google+. =)
Hope you get what we all want: to prove our boss' wrong...and tablet device of choice. Enjoy!
Hope your boss has deep pockets. Just reshared this to my circles
A buck on me from NC. Dood you could buy like 5 HP Touchpads! =]
I made more genuine connections here with relevant people in my field of interest in the first 4 weeks on Google+ than in the 4 years I've been using Twitter....and I think Twitter is a brilliant tool for connecting up.
P Egan
+'d and commented and shared good luck!
If he pays in nickles get a picture.
I just want to say that your boss is right...d'oh!
All it takes is getting your post reshared from the right person and you get an explosion in engagement. You're already almost to that iPad in two hours.
oh, what the hell. I don't know you, or if you're deserving of an iPad, or anything else.

I think your scale should be $1 for a +1, $2 for a comment, and $5 for a share.

That's my 2¢, err, $2 worth. Good luck.

_edit: as I type this: 350 +1s, 131 comments, 71 shares. _
So not only will I add a comment to help you grab your iPad (with enough left over to cover the 3G contract), but to show your boss why this is actually useful I'll add... "So tell us a bit about your company? Do you have any ideas how networking and building an audience might directly benefit your company?" Such as, prior to your post I'd never even heard of Tri-Starr Personnel, but now I've gone and looked them up ;-)
Send me a quarter for every +1 you get. Thanks! :-)
Yep. Never underestimate the power of G+!
lol - this is starting to get passed around by some pretty big names now - wait til Scoble gets ahold of it!
I think your boss is going to regret making that bet.
ka-chiiiiiiing - your salary just went way up today :-)
I am paraphrasing: Google+ is about Interest Graphs, Facebook is about Social Graphs (I prefer G+) You should have bet for Honeycomb / Galaxy Tab 10.1 though
Your boss is valuable asset, that should be publicly available. ;) +1, comment, share
Viral help to win your bet...
Please post an update to this. I don't want to be hanging...
lets hope your boss doesnt see this before the end time so he will be like FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU
BTW: 1$ for every comment or for every unique commentor?
Wait? Is there a cap on this?
This could get interesting. :)
513 +1's and 183 comments. $696.00. Not too bad.
Tell your boss that G+ can be used as a business tool. In the first 2 weeks of July I added more business contacts than I have in all my time on Facebook. Plus I am collaborating with collegues around the world something that is still not available on Facebook.
Have fun with the iPad we just bought you. :)
Enjoy the iPad! Or Galaxy Tab... ;)
Looks like your boss owes you a lot of money right about now :)
My only advice: don't get an iPad. Get an ASUS Transformer with the dock instead!

No person in their right mind is going to think Google+ is a waste of time!
I'll bet $1 that he backs out of the bet. 
Here's your +1. Hope you return the favor.
Can my +1/comment count for your $ and a vote for an Android based tablet? Hope he holds up his end of the bargain
wow you rolling in the dough eh? Bet your boss hates G+ now. LOL!
can i make the same bet with your boss? =D
I think you'll have your iPad in no time.
I did a +1 but I'll also comment, in case they both count. Cheers--hope your boss follows through!
Want top win big? Ask +Robert Scoble to share your post :-)

To be fair, you should probably edit your post and include the company name. At least then your boss can write it off as advertising expense. 
633 and counting. And you should totally get credit for the + 1 tally on all your reshares too! 
I highly endorse this product or service.
This. I'm so keeping an eye on this thread. Good bet for sure.
Andy Q.
Haha, awesome. good luck.
G+ is a great networking tool for me. I met so many people on G+ and I'm very happy with it so far.
Jun C
Good luck homie! :) make sure u have someone filming when u show him this thread...
sounds like a typical boss, clueless most of the time
Hah, I hope you do get yourself an iPad. Though personally I think I'd have gone with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but that's just me. I like Android. :P
Hello! I just wanted to show your boss that Google+ can make not only for a high volume of interactions, but also, at least at the moment, for a good quality of interaction. It has a nice community feeling and people tend to enjoy the opportunity to respond in less than 140 characters.
G+ is the best social channel for actual interaction - it destroys Twitter and Facebook as far as social influence goes. We have already seen calculable ROI from time spent on G+.
Oh and I shared to 5000+ hope that's ok with you.
This is like way passed 500! your boss just lost a lot of money! LOL
Get 2 iPads and give him one.
My is he going to be surprised!!!
Looks like you're pushing $250. And I second the suggestion to look at a Xoom.
don't forget to get the smart cover for the iPad and a phat iTunes card.. :D
I see your in IT Recruiting - anybody out there have a job for someone and any candidates that could get this guy some business and commisions while we are at it? Sorry I'm in Aus so can't help you with that
Aw, Boss man gonna be payin' up BIG time!
This is most definitely not a waste of time. it's not facebook where people post about nonsense (well @ least not yet for me) it's actually made me some connections.
Ya about to be 1 grand richer. Maybe you can give ya boss a 50% discount and dare him for 2k :P
I only ask you post a picture of his reaction...
Hey Mark, did he ask for mercy yet?
Someone told me today they aren't seeing traffic on G+ (compared to Twitter) -- I told them they didn't build the right circles!

Let us know what you buy with your at least $827 :-)
I think your boss may have greatly misjudged the possibilities here
I actually also think that Google+ is (mostly) a waste of time ;-)
500 connections and over 800 +1s! Hail the power of Google+ !!! :)
Your boss gonna pay for this!
Your boss should know plussers are die hards!
Do you get $2 if someone +1's and comments? Looks like your sitting at a minimum of $848 right now. Don't know you, but congrats! :)
If you have any extra money send some my way! :)
Let us know what happens - does your boss follow through?
enjoy the iPod. On the other hand, if you think this gives you permission to solicit me for opportunities, you would be dead wrong.
nice now he owes you some dollars - are you sure he will pay? ^_^
I want to see some pictures of the $$$$ being handed over!
I just gave you #865. Good luck getting the cash out of your boss. I have a suggestion if he decides to renege on this promise - try the same experiment on Facebook and offer to reduce his debt by $1 for every 'like' you get.
Pretty generous boss to pay $1 for every comment. Especially when it takes 10 seconds to leave a comment. Enjoy your new iPad!
You're almost to your second iPad dude. Congratulations. :)
Maybe you will get enough to buy two ipads, then give one away to one lucky commenter. (like me!)
is this the google+ equivalent of a chain letter? :P
wow, you don't even need me here...but you're welcome.
You are getting rich and your boss will be broke
You are going to be able to buy ipads for all of us :) !!
Awesome! I'll share with my circles... good luck!
pls keep us update on your bet
Wooo!!! Go G+niuses go!!!
This is plugging into the resentment people feel when thier organisations don't see what can be done with social media. Nice little meme you have crafted. Well done.
Well, I don't know if ur story true or not, but I'm on G+ side, +1 for u. Good luck with ur iPad. :)
OK now for fun everyone remove their plus. :P
Hey! You want Google+ to get you an iPad?!? Android tablet there, buddy!!!
If your boss gives you a grand, he''ll be a really good sport and a great boss in my book. LOL!
$955 from my post.
Wow! Your boss really doesn't understand the power of social networking, does he? LOL
Getting close to $1,000! Let's hope he keeps his word, haha.
Your boss is dead wrong....and a bit poorer. :)
He'll make out better if he simply agrees to purchase an iPad for you LOL
I'm #984! I want you to buy a doughnut with my dollar!
Tell your boss he made a big mistake! :) G+ is the most amazing networking and collaborative tool!
+Mark Lucio Seriously a dollar? Risky bet, I would have thought 10 cents per +1/comment. P.S. I was the 1000 + :)
Way Cool! Your boss owes you over a $1000 dollars so far AND you made a LOT of new friends!
Looks like its going to be a couple of iPads ... maybe even a house :D
Will he pay!? Stay tuned...
That's a pretty darn good sucker bet :) Wish my boss would do the same with me... :)
I hope this is real, and not just a viral idea. Congrats either way.
Lol yeah, if you add in +1s on reshares, you've got way more.

Suffice to say you won the bet?
Looks like an extra bonus for you this year, Mark!
get an ipad and donate the rest to a good charity :)
Kee Lau
You will be fired by your boss......
You are very close to yor ipad
Wow, he's going to be sorry!
Should donate some of the money to charity in the company's name. After you get your iPad that is.
+1 from CHINA good luck!
叫 你 老 板 滚 远 一 点
Wait. Is it $1 for every +1 and another dollar for every comment? As of this comment you've got 1,098 +1's and 371 comments (counting this one). That's a decent amount of money.
where is your boss on google+ ?
Hope your boss keeps up his end of the bargain!
To bad he isn't also getting a dollar per comment posted too.
Let's try and make your boss broke
I kind of think +1's WILL have a monetary value at some point, possibly soon. $1 is probably much too high in that case, but I applaud you for getting it in this case. Well done, sir!
Comment for your ipad, but once you get that you should give something to charity ;)
This is fun, but unfair.. where's our reward? :)
I think you got a little more than 500 :-)
+Mark Lucio I've just visited your profile and followed the link to your company. Hopefully the extra traffic will convince your boss that it's money well spent! (I hope this entire post is not a clever marketing scam!)
Plus one, sucka, Google + is much more valuable than <insert other social networking site here>.
Your boss is a very silly man. Tell him to do some research before agreeing to his next bet.
You're going to bankrupt your company at this rate.
Man, I need to get my boss to do that...
Erich W
that'll be another +$1
+1 from Austria (very small country in the heart of Europe)
Your Boss needs to make less uninformed decisions like bets about social media with people younger than him 
CJ Lee
Additional one dollar for you..... :-)
ps someone should @mention mike mike elgan or rob scoble 
Haha, you're boss is going to need to take out a loan. It's at almost $1700 now.
Well played, sir. +1, indeed!

I just sent this around to a hell of a lot of people for ya :D
Forget about the ipad, win this bet then change a job with a lot of money... ... :0
agan G
1$ for you!
+Robert Scoble hasn't been tagged yet? here ya go! I know I saw his name tagged somewhere in the hundreds comment..
A message to the boss: get on Google+! It will save you money!
+Mark Lucio You must videotape his reaction when you present him with your bill (perhaps print screens of all this, for effect?). Few Here's another buck.
Fake or not, this is a good way to get the most +1. Stick it to the man!
Google is the network, how would Google+ not be a networking tool?
This post is an obvious spam and complete and utter nonsense. I don't believe you for a second.
As there will be a $500 limit on comment revenue that can go towards an iPad.
The +1's might get you a car though :)
Your boss will give you an iQuit. Keep us updated!
1363+'s and counting
Enjoy your new computer/DJ system/used car!
Lmao.. I wonder if all 25 million users will +1 you :D.
Can I get a job where I can bet my boss for an iPad for +1's? I like this!
Hey boss, you are going to owe a lot of money!!! "Poor" guy can buy himself more than 1 iPad!
I think your boss will not gonna sleep for several days.... & if this bet still growing will fire you from job, alleging lack of funds. +1326
pretty difficult to write a new comment at this point (meta comments like this one don't count)
up to what time/date is this deal valid? :) he might be paying you hundreds of thousand dollars because of this LOL
i'm a huge fan of g+ as a networking tool <3
O man, your boss will probably eat his words by this time. @ 465 now...
I have to comment before you hit the comment limit. I would feel silly if I missed out on the chance.
Doesn't see the benefit? Are you kidding me?! The interactivity alone is worth it!! I hope he doesn't renege on his offer. By the looks of it, you could (and should) have your iPad by the end of the weekend! :)
Wow, what a terrible bet this man made! I already have more followers on G+ than Twitter and Facebook combined.
You're winning, I'd say. Be kind with your boss as you're picking up your new iPad: I'm going through the same thing with my CEO right now. This is a great idea...
I don't know you, but I'm all about sticking it to the man. +1
Hmm, I think your boss is getting much more than he bargained for.
Gotta comment before the limit is reached!
加油 来自中国大陆
So has your boss welshed on his commitment yet?
I'm like +Ken Owens wanting to know if you got your $5119? If not, what was the excuse?
this will go on forever. I hope he pays you daily. You know better than to con a noob. shame on you. and you wasnt even in one of my circs.
does the +1 at the end of my post count? I hope. now you can get twice as much. or maybe 3 times after i finish with this one. heck I'll sit here and post all day on this thread if ya send me a dollar or two.
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