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Someone with a wrong phone number texted me. Naturally, I couldn't resist....

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Huh. I didn't even notice the Games tab until I read an external article that mentioned it. Guess I'm already as bored with G+ as I am with Facebook.

What the...? There's already an update for the G+ app? Will I be downloading this thing every 20 minutes?

It's about dang time that the Google+ app for the iPhone shows up.

Just got our tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Yes, I know we're two days late on that sort of thing. We just hate crowds and are assuming the late showing will be less insane. Normally, we would just wait until next week to see it, but Patty hasn't read the books and I'm tired of blocking all the spoilers from her.

It's fascinating how many technology wags have declared Google+ to be a failure, even though it hasn't been around for two weeks yet. And in many of these articles, the authors unwittingly reveal their technical incompetence. Really? Setting up your profile was hard for you? Tch.

Equally fascinating is how every Google+ discussion eventually devolves into a parade of invite begging.

Invites are turned on RIGHT NOW! Quick, send them out!

I have no one I want to invite....

In honor of tonight's premiere, I'm setting my ringtone to the Torchwood theme.

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Christ, has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Is it wrong that I laughed as much as I did?
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