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My first attempt with just hand tools.
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Seb R
Really good job.
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Mark Lin

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Mark Lin

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My first mortising jig (Thanks to, it worked pretty good.
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I made the same jig. Having problems putting wider boards in the clamps. Does anyone know a source for deeper clamps?
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Mark Lin

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Saw this on another community and thought its a good idea
Here’s a basic woodworking project that can be completed in an afternoon, perfect for beginners!
A beginner woodworking project that results in a handsome and useful battery organizer.
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Mark Lin

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Turns out I going to paint my table top white.  In the past when I just painted with hi gloss latex paint, books and magazines get stuck on the surface.  Can anyone recommend a paint that will cure to a hard surface that is like epoxy or close to it?  Thx
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To avoid sitcking you will want to avoid "plastic" finishes.  That would be most glossy finish, most latex and acrylic paints, and most varnishes.

Items that can work are:  most flat chalk or milk paints, some flat to satin finish lacquers, most stains (opeque stains look like paint in that they don't show the grain, but the do penetrate rather that just adhere to the surface), and smooth finish penetrateing paints. 

Personally, I would used either the opeque stain, or the chalk or milk paint.  I find them the simplest to use and the least expensive for the same quality result.
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Mark Lin

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Darwin at work
ho ho,.....creo que alguien no sabe conducir
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+MountainDew the guy who came up with the theory of natural selection
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Mark Lin

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The second-largest auto company in the world was sued by the U.S. Justice Department after it allegedly violated the Clean Air Act by installing illegal emissions devices on nearly 600,000 diesel cars.
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Mark Lin

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Question for all you Sketchup gurus out there.  I've models a simple join and I would have it pivot about a fixed point (relative to the fixed piece of the join) when I move the piece.  Is this possible in Sketchup?  Thanks in advance.
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Mark Lin

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Co-worker showed me this video.   Anyone know where I can get more information on this joint
More info -
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+Łukasz Sawczuk how people come with these cuts.. amazing
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