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Mark Leach
Now how do I spend all these +1's...
Now how do I spend all these +1's...
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Check out my new Demo Reel, it highlights my favorite animations I have made from scratch over the last couple years.

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I just saw the trailer for Sharknado! I don't know if the world is ready for this perfect storm.

Happy Edward Snowden Day! There are not many heroes when it comes to politics these days. Generations ago political figures would inspire the people but now they oppress and put fear in us. The NSA whistle blower should remind ALL not just Americans that we should not be afraid of our governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

Oh and Happy #4thofjuly !

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If Bush/Obama's PRISM scandal is turned into a movie. Morgan Freeman should be the man to destroy it.

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Firefly / Star Trek crossover?  

Ugh ... yes please.

Has there been any talk of Ubuntu or another Linux distro available for +OUYA?  

I am looking for an inexpensive solution for a Linux box. I have looked into the ODROID U2 and then I remembered the OUYA is due out this month. I figured I would look into it because it is inexpensive and will be available at retail stores.   

Looking to have a device that I can an external hard drive into as a network share that I can also sync with Amazon S3 or another similar service for off site storage. I could set this up with VNC and not need to have a keyboard and mouse attached to it.

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Duolingo is out for Android! Soon I will be hobloing some espanish before I know it!

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Photosphere from a tree that overhangs the spring.

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People jumping off the trees into the spring.

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Quick charging battery... Meet your successor. New cell battery that charges in 30 seconds. Made by some nerd in highschool. Props to her.
18-year-old Eesha Khare invents a device that can charge your cell phone in 20 seconds. Wow! Smart lady is using her prize money to fund her Harvard education. I'd say she's going to go far in this world.
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