Researchers find four living bacterial species in beer shipwrecked in the 1840s.

Researchers in Finland have discovered four species of bacteria living in "beautiful pale golden liquids identified as beer" inside corked glass bottles recovered from a shipwreck from the 1840s.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland eggheads are trying to reverse-engineer the beer to understand how it was made, and with what ingredients.

The beer was made before pasteurization, so the fact that the beer remained stable for more than 150 years means the yeast and bacteria cultures in the beer might be a really good preservative. Although there were no living yeast cells left in the beer, scientists were able to analyze the DNA of the yeast.

I'd like to go on record as a volunteer, in case they're looking for guinea pigs to try the stuff. Just make sure it's cold; warm beer is disgusting. (Kidding.),c9258626
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