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Just got my Logitech Revue update to Google TV 2.0 aka Honeycomb 3.1 Here's what you're waiting to see
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I wonder how long they will keep supporting it since they don't make it anymore.
+Ramsez Stamper well, the question to me is how much Logitech has really done anything with this update - I'm guessing it's basically 95% Google if not more (I could be wrong though) so the question is to me - how long will the hardware be able to keep up with the software?
+Ramsez Stamper I think this will most likely be the last update from Logitech although I hope they change their mind. There is a bit of support from the hacker community for this device too over at which may come in handy later.
+Mark Krynsky did this just pop up or have you been hitting the update button in the "About" section feverishly like me?
+Scott Neidert it just popped up. I tried to hit the update button several times previously to no avail. I also contemplated doing a factory reset to invoke the updated but read that someone tried it and it didn't do the trick. I think it's just a question of patiently waiting for them to get to your box.

The only place I saw that could allow you to force the update manually was here: but it's a bit tricky and risky and I ultimately decided not worth the headaches of waiting at most a few more days.
Have you had a chance to check out the app store? How's the selection?
Not much yet +Steve Gosselin but I will later tonight. One app I'm looking forward to playing with is Plex to stream my personal media. Also I plan to test other DLNA methods to stream personal media using the built in Logitech Media Player app. I'll post more info here and may even record a video and write a blog post soon.
IMDB looks sweet on the big screen - honestly I'm planning on adding lost of "non-optimized" apps
A little birdie told me I am getting the Sony blue ray unit under the tree this year. I'll definitely have to check out Plexiglas. Maybe I can finally make use of my phone's ULNA capability.
Haha... I sense a damn you autocorrect moment.
Dude when are you going to buy an Xbox 360 and give up on that sinking ship called Google TV.
Fox News? Did you google that or do you get all your tech news from Fox? jk
Why spend 2 to 4 times as much for a gaming console if you're not a gamer?
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