There are tons of ways to stream media from your computer to other devices to playback on your home theater system, iOS or other mobile and tablet devices, as well as the internet. I've spent a long time researching what I feel are the best apps to do this for my specific configuration and thought it would be great to great a media streaming map so I could share it with others. I'd love to see other people create these as well as I think it's very interesting to see other people's configurations.

What you see in my map is my current configuration (except I don't have the Denon yet :)) but I'm already looking at making some changes. I'm considering adding a Roku or Boxee box, and will be replacing Libox with another app (considering Zumocast now). Here are links to the apps I'm running. I'll gladly answer any questions you may have about this and look forward to seeing your maps!

PS3 Media Server -
PlayOn -
StreamToMe -
Libox -
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