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A note to all Amarok users: If Amarok is crashing for you since upgrading to KDE 4.11, please upgrade Amarok to version 2.8-beta. The 2.8 series is compatible with KDE 4.11, while the 2.7 series does not work due to a change in Plasma.

PS: Also the final 2.8.0 release is coming very soon. We're tagging today.
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What was the problem, exactly? Do you have a bug report with a backtrace I could look at?

(New releases of libraries shouldn't cause problems for applications; would need to see what the crash was related to to be able to tell exactly ..)

p.s. There is no KDE 4.11
ah, i think i just saw the CC' in my bug folder .. looking now.
damn, I'm on Mint 14 (ubuntu 12.10 based) and there is no amarok-2.8 package :/... only 2.7, so no amarok for me since update. I hope this get solved soon.
Anyway, thanks for the new kde packages :)
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