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Ever found it strange that KDE's "System Activity" widget (ctrl+esc) no longer shows system load statistics? I did.

This post explains how to get them back: 
Memory usage of your system is deemed a state secret since KDE 4 or so. Since I don't care much for secrecy, here's a quick guide to make System Moni...
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Problem is that this solution starts a new process, which due to overhead is not what you want under high load -- a common situation when opening the system monitor. The default setup preloads the sysmon, so it only needs show(), not spawn a new process when the user wants to check why the system is slowed down.
So the correct solution is to add the widget to the sysmon interface that is baked into KRunner. A patch for this would be welcome, according to its maintainers. (I checked, but never got around to implementing it, feel free to beat me to it.)
+Matthew Curry And while we're at it: Vim instead of Kate, mutt instead of Kmail, ... Yes, there people out there who just prefer fancy GUIs over terminal output, even in a system monitor ;)
I missed the load monitor from the ctrl-esc sysmon in a few occasions as well, but I lack the programming skills to write that patch myself. I'd be among the people who would be very thankful for the hero who writes that patch ;)
Sure htop is nice but if I could have ctrl-esc launch the same ksysguard that I can launch from the normal launcher, I'd still prefer it ;)
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