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My girlfriend's dad did his effort to grow his mo, would be nice if someone else can try to help out his efforts with even a small donation please. 

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Great quote. Keep thinking big, not the same!

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Really good to see some of the driving community looking out fo cyclists too (this probably still wouldn't happen in Australia any time soon though)

Google Reader: The most confusing part of the new design is the footer area that serves no use (and missing from GMail and G+). Plus there are so many parts that should change colour or something on hover so that it isn't just a world of grey.

So apparently Facebook is forced upon everyone who signs up for Spotify now? I guess this means that it will never come to Australia because that goes against one of the sections of Part III of the Trade Practices Act... Sorry guys.

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I wish I had some other people's creative minds sometimes.

Just realised I need to buy a UK -> EU power converter for Spain (although I might just need to check my AU cables and pretend to be Frankenstein for a little while - Mwahahahaha....).

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I'm really excited that no-admin-rights-required installation of Google Chrome Frame is now stable! Chrome Frame is a plugin for IE6+ that allows rendering web pages with Chrome's engine inside Internet Explorer. You get to use all the awesome HTML5 features without waiting for people to finally upgrade their browser.

Read +Alex Russell's blog for some more in depth info

An important change is that when you offer Chrome Frame on your site, users will now automatically get the appropriate version for their system, which should significantly improve success rates for installations.

Please share :)
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