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Would I lose my geek standing if I dumped Android and got an iPhone?  I'm tired of the constant bugs.
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I know lots of geeks with iPhones.  You might want to check out some of the online reviews and see whether there's a "better" Android phone, though, if you still like the idea of Android and just want it to work.
I'm a little bit stuck.

Android is the problem, here - specifically, vanilla Android.  It's chock full of bugs (see #40996, #42255, and the countless duplicates) that Google can't figure out how to fix or isn't expending the effort to do so.  I'm running it (via CM) on a Nexus 4, at the moment.  The only bug-free Nexus phone (I'm speaking software + hardware) I owned was the Nexus One.  Sure, there are "better" Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III but the "better" typically relates to the software in the form of a heavily modified version of Android whether it be from the carrier or vendor itself.  I want nothing to do with a carrier or vendor-modified version of Android and I would rather stick a fork in my eye than be a slave to OTA updates.

I've owned two jailbroken iPads (currently rockin' the 3 w/6.1.2) and have yet to run into any issues like the above two bug IDs I mentioned above.  If the iPhone hardware doesn't throw me any curve balls, I'll probably be happy with it.

Unfortunately, I'll miss some applications like GPS Status & Toolbox, My Tracks, and IPv6 access on T-Mobile's network.  Possibly, more!

We'll see.
iPhone is coming to T-Mobile's network very soon. Not sure if it supports IPv6 though. Just don't be jealous of my Nexus 5 when I get it.
+Justin Powell, yeah, I'm curious to see if the multiple PDP contexts will be supported on the T-Mobile iPhone.
If you do get an iPhone, I will buy your Nexus 4 :)
I wouldn't judge. You do have some other options coming such as Tizen in August, and can't you install Ubuntu on your phone already?
I installed Ubuntu on my Galaxy Nexus the day it came out.  It was a complete disappointment since it was just Android with an Ubuntu UI and had almost no functionality.  It was a demo (completely with sample tweets, contacts, etc.), not even a beta or technology preview.
Android still works best for me, at the moment.
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