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Mark-John Clifford

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It's a Thursday and time for It's All Mishegoss

A blog where you get news that is crazy, insane and maddening. Also I throw in commentary and a little saneness to it all.

It's suppose to make sense but does it matter?

Check it out and let me know'
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i need a good luck friday , hows you mister ?
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To Medium or Not To Medium?

Seems Medium has added some things that are pretty neat. Almost a copy of Twitter except you can post more than 140 words.

So does that we don't need Twitter? Medium and Twitter are cousins so to speak and I don't think they are out to kill Twitter?

I guess I 'll keep up with Medium for a little longer and see if followers and comments get better with what's new.

Want to follow me on Medium? Click the link below and check out my collections and choose one to follow. Or you could follow them all.
My family is first and growing.Blogger,speaker, and health activist.
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Hump Day for some....Mishegoss for Others

Either way It's All Mishegoss has got you with some great stuff today.

How about 1 hump or 2?
Maybe Health Care and the total screw up
Or a little suicide and bullying
And some changes in Latitude to change the attitude.

Check it out
Mishegoss & attitude/latitude. School bullying and suicides along with talk of health care.
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Mark-John Clifford

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For my friends in a different time zone. Hope you enjoy and comment.
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Mark-John Clifford

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Reposting for the Monday crowd of friends.

A very long pice about my life with polio and what it has meant to me. Not my usual It's All Mishegoss piece, but it was a request from my friend +Mike Simmons and I wanted to do this.

I'll be posting my somewhat normal mishegoss later today. Behind a little
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Mark-John Clifford

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It's The Weekend! Here's some Mishegoss and non-Mishegoss before you party.

In the post....
Road Rage in Vegas
Global Warming
Taxes, Taxes
Hacking the State Dept.
+Mike Elgan 
+Joe Panettieri 
+Leo Laporte 
and more, more. more
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+Jennifer Smith-Kirk Thanks Jennifer. I wanted to do something new and fresh. The health issues are covered by so many blogs. I thought this was one niche that may be open.
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Have him in circles
26,221 people
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I am probably breaking G+ etiquette by reposting, but when have I ever done anything right on G+. LOL

I see a chance to post to my friends in different time zones and take advantage. The hell with etiquette. Especially when it's a new blog and I am trying to get it out there.

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No worries- it's very common for people to post the same post twice a day just for time zone reasons. :). They often call the second a 'time zone re-share'.
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Mark-John Clifford

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I started thinking the other day that on the weekends I would like to write at least one if possible epic blog post (or what I think is epic) to share with readers on It's All Mishegoss.

Last weekend I wrote about my life with polio. It wasn't that epic as it was only 1999 words, but it brought back some memories and I enjoyed it. I would like to expound on that blog topic in a future post since polio is still around.

This weekend though I am thinking of writing about the people I have met in my lifetime. I've been around for 60 years and have met some very important and famous people as well as some people you have never heard of, but who have made a difference in my life and the lives of others.

Look for it this weekend on It's All Mishegoss.
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Tuesday Mishegoss

Today we tackle mishegoss from
Sea World
Women in Tech
Apple iWatch
Social Media & taking a break
Mishegoss the Blog

Take a chance and read the blog. If you enjoy subscribe.

#itsallmishegoss   #mishegoss   #applewatch   #socialmedia  
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Monday at It's All Mishegoss where today I write about...

The Oscars
The Government namely Homeland Security
My home and the mishegoss there
A Little Tech Mishegoss
Some College Mishegoss in Connecticut

Enjoy and read on...

#itsallmishegoss   #mishegoss   #craziness   #madness  
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Mark-John Clifford

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Happy Sunday Friends.

I was asked the other day to write more about my life with polio by my friend +Mike Simmons so I did.

I know this really doesn't fit the title of the blog It's All Mishegoss, but in some ways it does.

This ended up being the longest post I believe I have written and I tried to keep it short. Sorry. It clocked in at 1999 words. 

I'm sure I left a great deal out you may want to know more about and if you let me know I will write more by topic you pick. 

This was a very hard post to write as it brought back some memories I always have on my mind.

I hope you enjoy and share it with others.
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Today is Thursday and it's time for some #throwforwardthursday  posts.

Take a little time to check out
* Future Food...Eggs
* Future Technology...Social Contact
* #throwbackthursday  
* more!
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Have him in circles
26,221 people
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  • Brown University
    Psychology, 1972 - 1976
  • New York University
    MBA, 1978 - 1980
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Mark, MJ, MJC
former builder of companies (entrepreneur), now writing, speaking about health and saving animals
I worked in an industry for years that required quick thinking and instant decisions. It also required an in depth knowledge of international laws. I loved every minute of it except for the times when repercussion came along, but then who likes repercussions?

For the past 8 years I have spent that time creating non-profits and sites to go along with them that concentrate on health related concerns like animal cruelty and rescue, diabetes, obesity and general health in aging. 

I have ADHD and control it (sometimes) without meds. In fact to give you an idea of my ADHD I just had testing done again to see where I was at. I scored a 99.9% on the test and that wasn't in a good way. My writing shows my ADHD mind working and sometimes it isn't a pretty site, unless you have ADHD , then it's also perfect.

Our main health community tied to our blog is Health in the Laugh Lane and you can join by clicking on here.

My goal of the blog, Health in the Laugh Lane is to be helpful to you as much as it is for me. I am not a health expert but I enjoy learning about health and I want others to enjoy it with me. So my blog idea is to create an environment where people want to come not to hear me lecture, but learn what I am learning and possibly together we can help each other.

Writing & Reading

*Co-Founder of 1 Disease World Voice (Closed), Diabetic KID'Z 4 L.I.F.E. (still kicking)

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No need for that, except I am the proud Papa of 4 beautiful grandkids.
writer, speaker, health activist,
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    I write for multiple blogs/non-profits that me and Patti my wife have created for health activism.
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