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Juicing without the Juicer
Ever wanted to make juice at home, but not sure you’re ready to invest in a juicer? No worries! This recipe is for you. All you need is a blender, a strainer, some cheesecloth and a love of fresh,
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How's your happiness level?

Have you ever thought about a level of happiness being important? How about things that stop happiness?

 I found an article from MindBodyGreen about 8 habits that rob you of happiness here...

Check them both out.
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Is happiness overrated? Do you need happiness to live?
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Is it truly important to you and your life? Are you in need or want of happiness?

What can you do to help find happiness in your life?

Read on and see what you think and share your experience.
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So this is the homemade sauce with the meatballs. So I would include both in a package for the campaign.

Now this against potato salad I'm not sure how I would do but it might be worth a shot?

Any negative thoughts about this idea I am willing to listen. Any positive thoughts I will listen to also. Decision time.

Here is the potato salad link...
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No eggs. 
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On Kickstarter

A guy starts a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money so he can make potato salad. That's correct, you read that right potato salad.

At this point he is over $5100.00. Not bad for potato salad.

So I was thinking if he could do that for potato salad what could I do for homemade Sicilian meatballs would I be too late?
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+Shannon Lim I don't know but I can't believe people would invest in potato salad. Maybe we should do a combined treat. Satay and meatballs. LOL
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Mark-John Clifford

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Hey everyone! If you are thinking about starting a blog or have a blog and are in a rut and want to gain more readers and more incentive to write? Then this is the post for you.

Take a little time, check out this post from +Mike Allton and see what he has offered. This is the essential blogging tool for all time.

Do not miss this opportunity. Read it, save it and refer back to it when needed like I do all the time.

Thanks Mike!
Take your Blogging to the Next Level

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That’s where I can help.

Here are a number of articles I’ve published which you can spend some time reviewing and learn several key techniques and aspects of blogging that will help you.


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How to Create Brand Interest and Value with Newsjacking -


How I Promote My Blog Posts -

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Shareable -

Super Charge Your Blog Reach as a Triberr Power User - 

How Many Titles does your Blog Post Need? -

Should Bloggers and Businesses Share Old Content? -

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Finally, be sure to view the recordings from The Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference ( where you’ll find 11 sessions with top experts talking about HOAs, Google+, Instagram, Hootsuite, Evernote, Branding, Podcasts and more.

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Best of luck with your blog! 

#Blogging #ContentMarketing #BloggingTips 
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+Mike Allton No problem Mike. Just telling the truth,
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Mark-John Clifford

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More great information from +Mike Allton on using branded short links. 

I need to look into this for my blog.
How to Create a Branded Short Link

Short links. The internet is full of 'em. Over the past ten years, they've become ingrained into every aspect of our online lives. TinyURL's and's and's and more. Each one promising quick, abbreviated access to wonderful news and information.

But what if you could do more?

What if you could not only use such links to track effectiveness of your social shares and online activity, but also communicate brand at the same time?

We're talking about using custom branded short links -- URLs that reflect your business name in some way, rather than a random third-party service. Using instead of, for instance.

Today's article walks you through what shortened URLs are, what you can do with them, and how you too can set up your own branded shortener that can be used by, Buffer and more.

Read on!

#SocialMedia   #SocialMediaMarketing  #Shortlink #LinkShortening #Bitly 
By using your own custom branded short link, you reinforce your brand awareness, as well as ensure that you're taking full advantage of all the benefits shortened links offer. Learn how!
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+Mike Allton No problem Mike. Really enjoyed the article.
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Want to know what to buy? Then this is the post you will want to check out now.

Thanks +Alex Hernandez 
Bundle Roundup 07/07-07/12 – Games, Comics, Books
It’s time for another Bundle Roundup, folks! This column will help you find some of the greatest bundles of games, comics, books, and sometimes even music at low prices
#bundle   #games   #comics  
It's time for another Bundle Roundup! This column will help you find some of the greatest bundles of games, comics, books, and even music at low prices.
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Is it truly important to you and your life? Are you in need or want of happiness?

What can you do to help find happiness in your life?

Read on and see what you think and share your experience.
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These are the meatballs I am talking about instead of raising money for potato salad.

I can't believe how well he has done and still has 26 days to go. I could keep sending meatballs out to people.
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I'd much rather have meatballs - I'm a meatball fanatic.  Favorite kind are the Sicilian ones with currants and pignoli. 
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Mark-John Clifford

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How do you start the first 15 minutes of your day?

Hunter Walk gives you his daily routine which I would like to say I am almost follow this routine, but I'd be fibbing. I'm not even close. 

How about you?

+Hunter Walk 
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writer, speaker, health activist, ADHD (99.9%)
organization, speaking, living with ADHD
  • Health in the Laugh Lane
    Co-Founder/Blogger, 2013 - present
    This is it. I write. I don't pontificate and I have ADHD to go along with it. Cool huh? I make the blog a personal journey about my health, my parenting and everything else going on.
  • Myself
    Blogger, vlogger, 2005 - present
    I write for multiple blogs/non-profits that me and Patti my wife have created for health activism.
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Clovis, CA 93611
Boston, Ma - Providence, RI - Catania, Sicily - Venice, Italy
former builder of companies (entrepreneur), now writing, speaking about health and saving animals
I worked in an industry for years that required quick thinking and instant decisions. It also required an in depth knowledge of international laws. I loved every minute of it except for the times when repercussion came along, but then who likes repercussions?

For the past 8 years I have spent that time creating non-profits and sites to go along with them that concentrate on health related concerns like animal cruelty and rescue, diabetes, obesity and general health in aging. 

I have ADHD and control it (sometimes) without meds. In fact to give you an idea of my ADHD I just had testing done again to see where I was at. I scored a 99.9% on the test and that wasn't in a good way. My writing shows my ADHD mind working and some times it isn't a pretty site, unless you have ADHD also, then it's perfect.

I am on Google+ 100% of the time. No Facebook for me!

Our main health community tied to our blog is Health in the Laugh Lane and you can join by clicking on here.

My goal of the blog, Health in the Laugh Lane is to be helpful to you as much as it is for me. I am not a health expert but I enjoy learning about health and I want others to enjoy it with me. So my blog idea is to create an environment where people want to come not to hear me lecture but learn what I am learning and possibly together we can help each other.

Writing & Reading

There's more but I can't think right now.

We have a Flipboard Magazine for you to subscribe too...just click Fliboard Magazine

Communities That I Own or Manage: If you would like to join....

Mark Clifford's Friends  This community was set up for friends that wanted private conversations. We've added moderators and more friends but it is private and you can ask to join.

Bragging rights
I need to brag. I scored a 99.9% on my ADHD this year. Let's Party! Oh wait I need to.......
  • Brown University
    Psychology, 1972 - 1976
  • New York University
    MBA, 1978 - 1980
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Study finds 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills

Researchers at New York University found 3,000 types of bacteria on dollar bills they got from a Manhattan bank.

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