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Mark Hunter
Works at The Sales Hunter
Attended Seattle Pacific University
Lives in Omaha, Nebraska
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Mark Hunter

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Number One Reason Salespeople Can't Negotiate 
In sales negotiations, failing to prepare is really nothing more than preparing to lose.
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Mark Hunter

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This is a must do for anyone in sales
I'm not gloating, but it is certainly a relief to see the social selling charlatans backpedaling a bit as their magic potion isn't the be-all and end-all they promised. Amazing isn't it? Everything has not…
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Mark Hunter

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Millions of salespeople are frustrated, failing, and earning far less than they should be because they don’t know how to prospect, and are confused by the endless stream of mixed messages.
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Sales Consultant and Keynote Speaker - High Profit Selling
Negotiation, motivation, sales leadership
  • The Sales Hunter
    Sales Consultant and Keynote Speaker, 1998 - present
    Helping companies and sales teams maximize revenue by showing them how to sell at full-price and avoid the need to discount the price to close a sale. Known for his high energy keynote speaking and ability to engage and create lasting change with his interactive sales training programs.
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Omaha, Nebraska
Helping companies and salespeople maximize profits!

In 1998, I founded my own company which gives me the great opportunity to consult with sales representatives and managers nationally and internationally.

I help individuals and companies identify better prospects, close more sales, and profitably build more long-term customer relationships. I spent more than 18 years working in the Sales and Marketing divisions of three Fortune 100 companies.  

I am all about helping individuals and companies dramatically improve their bottom line by growing their top line through increased sales. 

Bragging rights
Travel globally more than 200 days per year speaking at conferences and sales meeetings on sales and sales motivation
  • Seattle Pacific University
    Business, 1974 - 1979
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"The Sales Hunter"
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