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Mark Horemans
if is the middle word in life
if is the middle word in life
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"for your protection, shelter is the answer"

Contagious orgasm , Cold Water
RAAN , Planes of Malkrom
Deutsch nepal , Surgery II
Herbst9 , Endless Deep
Yen Pox , Purgatorio
Pelios , Subharmonic Distortion
Herbst9 , Sulfur
Emme Ya , the Void - Alchemy ov Red Sperm
Raison d'Etre , The Eternal Return and the Infinity Horizon
Yen Pox , Hell's Gate
Rasalhague , Mother is the Disaster
Gustaf Hildebrand , Accretion
Wolfskin , Nocturnal Winds and Masks of Renewal
Blood Box , Oracle of Babylon
Nagual Art , Adoria
Mercantan , Block IV
Lustmord , Deep Calls to Deep
Legion , Colossus
Vestigial , The Geometry
Herbst9 , Nanab Ishtar - Exalted Light of Heaven

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"Breathe deeply and relax completely..."

Intro , Sleep Programming
Mathias Grassow , Anderswelt I
Dick Sutphen , 4 Hour Sleep Hypnosis
AUN , Protection
Yui Onodera , Synergetics 2
Amon , Searching for an Ego
Runes Order , Dream of White Man
Dick Sutphen , Sleep Self talk
Rngmnn , Talking You to Death
Coil , The Sleeper II
Coil , The Sleeper I
Runes Order , The Natural Way to Heaven
Vance Orchestra , A Shadowy Shape
Cranioclast , Iconoclastar
Dick Sutphen , Sleep Programming
Djinn , Troubled Sleep
Sutcliffe Jugend , Cold Aftermath
Omei , The Word and the law
Sleep Research Facility , 80S 96E
Deutsch Nepal , Beyond a Wall of Silence

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I came off my island to throw this new raymix into the world ;)
2 hours of darkambient, you know the drill.

Edit: forgot the tracklist, here goes:

Post Scriptvm , (Russian title)
Lamia Vox , Inlumaeh (Part 1)
Cryobiosis , Departure
Lamia Vox , Inlumaeh (Part 3)
Halo Manash , Ulterior
Herbst9 , Face of Fire
Gustaf Hildebrand , Nucleus
Herbst9 , In the Vein of Purusa (Reworked Remix)
Halo Manash , I Lure Riot
Galerie Schallschutz , Cocoon (Live Part 7)
Yen Pox , In Silent Fields
Mercantan , Island
Halo Manash , Renunciation - A Jewel Bowl for the Final Feast
K. Meizter , Prypiat
Combative Alignment , Might of Thoughts
Worms Of The Earth , Endless Hallways of the Angelic Spires
Gustaf Hildebrand , Ruins of a Failed Utopia
Herbst9 , Snake of Saigon (Remix)
Post Scriptvm , Chiaroscvro III
Raison D'Etre , End of a Cycle
Worms Of The Earth , Drawing the Twelve Sigils of Set-Heh
Raison D'Etre , Enshrouding

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"we know we may be trapped forever..."

It's been too long (again) but here's a new raymix: 2 hours of intense darkambient sounds. I don't like to finish up a mix if i'm not pleased about it, so it can take a while. Anyway: enjoy!

Galerie Schallschutz , Opening Phase
Herbst9 , Sennacherib Lugal
Land:Fire , Cluster
Post Scriptvm , Abortion of Memory
Gustaf Hildebrand , Nomadic Singularity
Vestigial , The grey Constellation
Galerie Schallschutz , ... to Think About
All Hail the Transcending Ghost , Intornator
Vestigial , The Serene Ground
Land:Fire , Almost Cataclysmic
VoidMorf , Searching for God's Existence in Quarks
Gustaf Hildebrand , Array
Land:Fire , Gigantic Mushroom
bad Sector , Negative Wire Version 2.0
Dolmen , In the Heat
Post Scriptvm , Eerie Cargo
Cryobiosis , Departure
Ionosphere , Probing the Darkness
Beyond Sensory Experience , Across the Divide
Raison d'Etre , The Eternal Return and the infinity Horizon
Halo Manash , Renunication - a Jewel Bowl for the Final Feast
Vestigial , Wars of no Time
Wolfskin , O Crepusculo Flamejante
Halo Manash , Ulterior
Inade , Vitriol II

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A new raymix with 110 minutes of delicious dark drones. Enjoy!

Cranioclast , Iconclastar Intro
Asche , That Loop in my Eye Part I
templegarden's , Mangrovia & Shipwreck
Origami Galaktika , Rannak Tahtede Vahel
Morgenstern , Requiem
Asche , That Loop in my Eye Part III
Luciano Dari , Manvantara
Stone Glass Steel , Factory Mode (Interpolating The Mentor)
Cranioclast , V (Interface) 3
Osira Vetum , 81 94
Galerie Schallschutz , Berlin Tempelhof 7350th Air Base Group
Morgenstern , Lost Childhood
Deutsch Nepal , Horses Give Birth to Flies
Inade , Tat twam Asi
Omala , Shaping Blades with Bare Hands
Psychomanteum , Celestial Body Absent
Dieter Muh , Whorle
Herbst9 , The Tide

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A new raymix, 2 hours of heavy droning darkambient!


Inade , Signals From 68 Dimensions Part 1
Land:Fire , Physical Mental Psychological
Ionosphere , Cutting Edge Radio Research
Land:Fire , Black Trail of Dust Particles
Circular , Retreat From Reality
Atrium Carceri , Entrance
Asmorod , Glass No Kamen II - Vitreous Structures
Tholen , Neuropol Underground Infrastructure
Phelios , The Shadow out of Time
R|A|A|N , Tizh of Runn
Vestigial , The Void
R|A|A|N , Lilin
Yen Pox , The Awakening
Gustaf Hildebrand , Cataclysmic Variable
Phelios , Traces of Naquada
Troum , Aliens Laughing About Us
Sphare Sechs , Tiefschlaf Phase VI
Blood Box , Wither and Fade
Raison D'Etre , Ascent of the Blessed
All Hail The Transcending Ghost , Intornator
Lustmord , Disintegration

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A new raymix: 100 minutes of dark ambient sounds.

tracklist :
Stupor , Bête Noire
Inade , Cherub
Kammarheit , When the Kingdom Fell Asleep
Atrium carceri , Decrepit City
Beyond Sensory Experience , Youth Duality
Anthesteria , The Cell
Atrium Carceri , 200 Days
Beyond Sensory Experience , Long the Night
Kammarheit , The Starwheel (Clockwise)
Atrium Carceri , Reborn
Herbst9 , Permanence
Beyond Sensory Experience , Future Directions
Lithivm , Distortion Cell
Contemplatron , Insatiable greed
Svartsinn , September Dirge
Secret Druid Society , Phobia (stones are moving)
Murderous Vision , A Crimson Offering
Anthesteria , Mercurial Shower Facility
Galerie Schallschutz , Cocoon Chapter 7 (Live in Antwerp)
Inner Vision Laboratory , Nothing Remained
Raison d'être , The Hidden Hollows
Kammarheit , The Starwheel (Counter Clockwise)

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A little joke i had to get out of my system.

(and a good gift for lazy children)

+Annie Y.

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I'm warming up this cold but sunny winter day with this fine ambient mix by The Unusual Conclusion. Nice drones and atmospheres, a bit of gamelan and a lot more of the good stuff:

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Another one, bits of this and that.

+Annie Y.
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