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Mark Horemans

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Here's the latest random raymix, including big names of the dark industrial genre, such as Megaptera, Brighter Death Now. Schloss Tegal, Archon Satani, Raison d'Etre, Inade etc...

Megaptera , The Passage & Experimental Noise
Brighter Death Now , Soul in Flames
Premature Ejaculation , Red
Schloss tegal , Electromagnetic Subliminal Implant
Archon Satani , Reigned Ov Flesh
Schloss Tegal , L5
Archon Satani , Heavenly Inoculation
Megaptera , Human Sacrifice
Raison D'Etre , Enshrouding
Negru Voda , Impulse of Fear
Third Eye , Hypnagogic State
Inade , Storm of Fire
"No, I am not I'm alive! I go on! I breath! Look at me! Look at me and tell me what you see!" (a bit shorter than usual because lack of time)
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Mark Horemans

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Mark Horemans

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Raymix time: here are 2 hours of glorious industrial!
Post Scriptvm , Glass Bell Dome
Deutsch Nepal , The Since Long Lost Lust
Cheerleader 69 , Your Book is Full of Killings
Depthr , The Shadow Gazer
Apoptose , Null
Post Scriptvm , Tarantula Pattern
In Slaughter Natives , Gaudium Et Alia Vitia
Beyond Sensory Experience , Carnival of the Chained
Templegarden's , Weeping Mountains High
Morgenstern , David's Edge
Deutsch Nepal & No Festival Of Light , Popoule
Ah Cama Sotz , Opfer - Til Death Do Us Part
Brachial Palsy , Palsy
Soldnergeist , Starr
Kenotaphe , Promise
Isomer , Horse Head
Deutsch Nepal , Hovercraft in Dark Water
Soldnergeist , You are Dead
Brachial Palsy , Epiphyse
Contagious Orgasm , SS Slaughter Music
Seismic Wave Factory , Immortality is my Destiny
Megaptera , Distinkt Killing
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Mark Horemans

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"lights are for the living, the darkness is for the dead"

Here's the latest raymix: 2 hours of dark experimental ambient.

Black Thief , Chernobyl Radiation Graveyard
Kraken , Praatjes van je Sloerie
K. Meizter , Succession
Kraken , Untitled
Gydja & Maru , Kerimas
Hikikomori , I
Gydja & Maru , Herukas
Kraken , In de regen gaat het ook
L.E.A.K. , Untitled
Contagious Orgasm , Daily Conversation
Schloss tegal , Certificate of the Wound
Lull , Journey Through Underworlds
Noise Maker's Fifes , Marumares Pt. 2
Nagual Art , Seance 1931
Nurse With Wound , Finis Terra
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"lights are for the living, the darkness is for the dead"
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Mark Horemans

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a new raymix: 2 hours of death ambient & dark industrial, may it chase away the heat:

Stratvm Terror , Intro
Hroptr , Relevance
Predominance , Awaken the Violet Demons
Profane Grace - Epitaph of Shattered Dreams
Inade , Through the Gates of Death
Archon Satani , Session VI Untitled
Predominance , Trans-Atlantis
Ah Cama-Sotz , Avignon
Cold Electric Fire , Alchemist
Land:Fire , Before They Are Sent
Inade , The Ocean of Fate
Morgenstern , Looking Down a Hill
Stratvm Terror , Skullbreeding
Mercantan & Q-Rare , ST35.5
Inade , The Conquest of Being Separated
Schloss Tegal , Meatgaze (Gnillik)
Hyios , Rex
SPK , Napalm (Terminal Patient)
Post Scriptvm , The Binding
The Klinik , Therapy
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Mark Horemans

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Been a while again, but here's a new raymix, with 2 hours of tasty dark ambient:

Anthesteria , Mercurial Shower Facility
Penjaga Insaf , Shadows of Leafs at the Wall of my Room
Land:Fire , 130_52k6_19'47''500
Anthesteria , Shortwave Solitudes
Ionosphere , 06.21.455
Herbst9 , Permanence
Land:Fire , Glasslike Substances
Kraken , Drie wegen naar de dood
Atrium Carceri , Illusion Breaks
Inade , Asteroid Probe
Kammarheit , I Found it Weeping in the Field
Lustmord , Heretic Part VI
Blood Box , Fall In
Templegarden's , On the Ground ov the White Can
Atum , V
Spear , Cradling Dark Current of Life
GS , Metafizyka III
Murderous Vision , Like Lambs to the Slaughter
Vestigial , Wars of no Time
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Mark Horemans

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This raymix (126 not 123, oops) was made as a guest mix for Obscurum Noctis 7 and aired about a month ago.
Check out Horae Obscura's mixcloud profile here: Horae Obscura
and his site: for more dark sounds!

Post Scriptvm , Ruins of Men
Schloss Tegal , Black Static Transmission
Post Scriptvm , The Binding
Pessary , Decompose
Megaptera , Haunted By Demons
In Death's Throes , The Drug (live)
Pessary , Collapse
Archon Satani , Beyond All thee Sickness
MZ.412 , God of Fifty Names
Beyond Sensory Experience , Number Theory
Schloss Tegal , Anthropophagy
Lustmord , Heretic Part II
Inade , Myth Encoded
Schloss Tegal , DOR Manifestations
Megaptera , More Disturbance
Sutcliffe Jugend , Cold Aftermath
S.Core , Baptism of Fire
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Mark Horemans

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The newest raymix: 2 hours of dark ambients goodies:
Raison d'Etre , Fall of the Damned
Golgatha , Eternal Kali Yuga
Inade , The Ocean of Fate
Atrium Carceri , Across the Sea of the Dead
Black thief , Abandoned Swamp
Asbaar , Quidditas
Ond , Untitled Track 4
Coil , Remotely
Phelios & False Mirror , Entropy Reversed
LamiaVox , Dozing Citadels of Kadath
Anthesteria , Mercurial Shower Facility
Herbst9 , Eclipse
Contemplatron , Shape Recycling
Morthond , The Age of Crying
Herbst9 , Face of Fire
Penjaga Insaf , Perang Damai
Contemplatron , Vast Subdimensions
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Mark Horemans

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Mark Horemans

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A new raymix, 90 minutes of depressing ambient. Take that, summer! :)

Aegri Somnia , Portal I
Dead man's Hil , The Birth of Death
Post Scriptvm , Vox Calamantis
Enemite , Blaspheming the Sultra - Disconnected Mourning Recollection
Halo manash , Conjunction - a vessel Springing with Nectar from the Skybound Source
Emme Ya , The Distant Black Sun
Anemone Tube , Above the Dark Waters
Inade , Universal Wave Function
In Slaughter Natives , Temple of Flesh and Metal
Lustmord , The daathian Doorway
Lithivm , City of Machines - Segment II
Raison d'etre , The Wasteland
Zhurong , (chinese title)
Reutoff , Black Mirror (outside)
Atrium carceri , Sacred Slab
Beyond Sensory Experience , Funerals
Anthesteria , Electric Shadows (live)
Beyond Sensory Experience , Inside Erasmus's Head
Kerovnian , The Worm of the broken Urn
Necrophorus , La Persistance de la Memoire
"There's always someone who catches his death."
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Mark Horemans

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Been wanting to do a "dark ambient light" mix for a while, and here it is. 2 hours of ambient sounds, enjoy:

Kraken , SOS Blauwvintonijn
Alio Die , Light by Initiation
Die Sonne Satans , Obsession
Hybryds , Orca
Atom Infant Incubator , Segment1
Die Sonne Satans , Cheopys
O Yuki Conjugate , Aura
Atom Infant Incubator , Segment 5
Alio Die , The Inner Escape
T.A.C. , Occhi Di Silenzio
Nocturnal Emissions , The Well is Deep
Runes Order , The Natural Way to Heaven
Last Nights Of Paris , Distillation
Rapoon , Saffron Fires
T.A.C. , Where the Light Dies
Alio Die , The Evocation of the Invisible
Nocturnal Emissions , Lud's Church
Runes Order , Visions of Venus
Aglaia , On to the Fields of Praise
Never Known , Hila
Vidna Obmana & PBK , Isolation/Refuge
Aglaia , Waning Moon
Oophoi & Tau Ceti , Aph-Lin
Amon , Secret Chamber
Kraken , c03
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Mark Horemans

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Hal Zweitausend
Söldnergeist - Rast
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