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hi humans. anyone still on here? looks around, shrugs, feels lonely.
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I'm still here man!!!!!
Now I don't feel like a castaway
your not alone! people are too shy to reply back on here
Oh yeah, sitll here. Although you guys made me endure MCR at the Bamboozle so we aren't on the best of terms =/.
:( I'm still here, Mark. When are you coming back to Toronto?
AWh,you are the only one ;)))))))))))))))
Hey Mark. Looks G+ is forcing us into being here with the kicking Gplaces to the curb. LOL!
Millions.... Where've you been!?!?!
Hi Mark! Don't feel lonely. Need a hug?
The number of people saying there's nobody here is TOO DAMN HIGH
lonely? follow more people! my stream updates so fast I can't read everything.
You have to wade into the stream a little more. ;)
Mostly just us C.H.U.Ds nowadays.
Yep! Just kickin' back and enjoyin' the views. :)
We were all waiting for you to come back.
i'm always here ;) , we miss you on here
Dude, you have 8 posts in 2012, including this one and the one you made after it. Don't be that guy.
Hey now, he's only human, not everyone sits on social networking sites constantly, he's got Kids and a wife and a band to think about =P
I agree, I'm not saying he has to post more ... just saying that it's a typical G+ reaction like "oh, no one uses this site" but then not generating content either.
Occasionally here... I think you are being followed by everyone on google plus!
Mark I adore you and blink! You Fuckers are my heroes! We need to hangout! Eat a dick! Fart on a biscuit!
Hey there buddy! How's the vacation? err Holiday! Forgot you're a Brittainer now.
So this is what the app next to twitter is!
Why isn't Google+ more popular? Everything feels so empty.
You say that yet you still get over a hundred likes... 
Hi mark. You are a pretty cool guy. Don't feel lonely.
...yes, YES! I am DEFINITELY here, because I am HUMAN! I am HERE, yes.
I'm here still. I come here all the time to read up. It's all about following interesting people. =-)
Hello from Germany ;) actually, the community on Google+ is pretty active.
Jill L
Yup love you and the rest of blink always my favorite band no matter what even if you cancelled your concert twice on my last month!
Do another "hang out"? I watched an interview with you and Tom by Google+ today. Very interesting!
This just didn't take off
More people need to get on here. Bands in general.
Next summer book the D again, Tom with voice this time :)
Its for cool rock stars, others will catch on.
look at this! if somebody push "+1", there will be 182 pluses
Lol I am Mark .... Just figuring out how to use this site properly
Hello mark! Cant wait for blink concert in Glasgow, june 20th
Mark i was looking forward to seeing you in Manchester, New Hampshire last month but poor Travis got his tonsils removed so you have to come back so i can see my musical inspiration and idol!
Mark Hoppus, I miss your presence on G+. You should post more.
Agreed. I am still trying to work this google plus thingy out :)
mark i would love to have a hang out with you you are my favorite artist of all time you are my hero on base!!!!!!!
hang out would be awesome would love to know how Europe is treating you, haven't been there in years
I was at the concert in Birmingham, UK.  It ws AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks :)  How are you liking England?
I hope someday I get to meet you. My band and I love you! xD
You're so rad, and my hero. Never stop making music! :D
Thanks for playing wasting time at Manchester! Made my night! 
yes , they did indeed and it was epic I was there omfg best night of my fucken life!
hello to all the people that i just add as friend"s. im at my friends zack and he is a sleep.but you know im about to do something like geting some ice cold water and thorw it on this go to yall when yall read this post me back ttyl(:
Ric Oo
Thanks for the best day of my life yesterday in Frankfurt :)
Thanks to the Crew, they made an amazing job!!!
This is a really late response to this post but I'm still on here!!
yup very occasionally, hope everyone moves from facebook, it's really annoying now with all the crap they put in my feed.
we are not humans any more since punk pop is not mainstream
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