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looking for a rad modern tea set, with cream pitcher, teapot, sugar bowl, and four cups w saucers. cups need to be large but not coffee mugs. any ideas? crowd-sourced tea fanatics? anyone?

EDIT: needs to be ceramic.
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thanks, i have been looking at etsy, and still looking...
Gonna do some researching... if I find anything, I will let you know.
I'd help if i could but this is definitely out of my element
not sure if this helps but some of the best tea sets, I have heard, are from Japan. So maybe a store that sells Japanese stuff? Also maybe at a coffee shop? I know they sell coffee and tea paraphernalia.
I think the teapot is tall, but I wouldn't take my word for it. I just did a google search for 12-piece tea set.
adults. not a kid's playlet or anything for a doll house.
Yep that Whittard website is good :) pity the queen doesn't have g+, she would know!
+Chad Willis Because drinking tea is pure punk rock. Everybody knows that.

+Kyle Fisher Like the Queen would know where her tea set came from. Her servants might.
+James Walker no wonder it feels so natural when i have it. Crazy...ya learn somethin new every day!
Off topic, but what's up with Europe this summer? You guyz Cummin?
someone else comes in the room "hey what are you doing right now?" oh nothing, just trying to help mark hoppus find a tea set XP. site is very modern...pretty confident you will find just what your looking for! The ceramic sets didn't include everything you wanted but there is additional accessories under the tea product tabs...if you need help matching the perfect set id be happy to help! Love the new stuff - blink 182 you guys are amazing and its great your all still making music history :) saw you on tour a few time looking forward to more!
I can make them for you. Custom is the best anyways...
thanks for all of your help! the alice in wonderland was my favorite one, but they are sold out!!
+Mark Hoppus - It seems to be exclusive to that site. I've signed up for notification when it comes back in stock, because I want it myself. I'll let you know when I know.
Go to China ;-) the best place to get tea stuff..
Hey Mark... if you don't want those Alice in Wonderland ones I mentioned, let me know. I think I might get them. :D
I dont know why but I thought that octopus teapot was gonna be something elsw entirely.
Hey Mark, we can always go to Disneyland and the the Alice and Wonderland yea set there. Every time I go to Disneyland they have them on Main Street! Let me know I have a season pass! Lol
+Mark Hoppus - If you like, I can buy them for you and deliver them to your door. I don't drive, but Google Maps says it would only take 3 days and 6 hours to walk there. :D
Yeah mate I'll give you my nans set, when u come to Australia. I'll even throw in some tea bags, WHAT A DEAL! Now its Australia day tomorrow, so I need to drink my self to death, and stagger home after midnight! Rock on Marky Mark, ya Mad Hatter!
I work at Teavana... You should definitely check some of our stuff out. Loose leaf tea is the way to go!!!!!
Me and my friends are wondering when/if we can expect the blinkumentary? Can you give us a date please, it's killing us waiting.
neighborhoods was amazing but I want a new album. this year!!
Mate start at Buddha go through to neighbourhoods chuck some +44 and box car in and just hit repeat and maximum volume! HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAYBlink fans yewwwwww get it up ya 
Haha aweh that sounds so cute ! Does Skye want to play tea time ? Haha. Ive got a nice tea set here you can have that has all of that ! :D
Hello Mark! I very much love your creativity for this reason I write to you here. You aren't going to arrive to Russia, to Moscow? And very much it would be desirable!!! There would be a possibility I would arrive to you to California. +44 it is simple a masterpiece!!! Excuse I translate through the translator, therefore it can be curve. Is there is a possibility answer.
The internet is so awesome, I never thought that one day I'd have the chance to recommend a tea set for Mark Hoppus. Too bad I don't know anything about tea...
hey man, im a huge blink fan(ik this is off subject haha srry just got a google+ account bcuz of ur googleplex vid) but anyways im 13(never to young to like good music right?) and i saw u live at sandstone in kansas city, u guyz preformed a great show. Keep rockin man!:)
^ Read it and you'll see he says "off subject." 
MARK I'm one of Blink 182's biggest fans i watch everything about u guys (a little stalkerish)i saw u guys in bonner springs in 2011 i'm new to this so idk why i'm posting this comment but maybe u know what to do
Trenton I'm exactly like u haha i saw them aat sandstone too! and I'm 13
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MARK !!! I want to go on Hangout with you !!!! :)
Please tell me when you gonna use Hangout ;) PLEASE :)
then we'll talk about when we are going to make music together ;D hehe I wish
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i was thinking a baby blue cup with pink and yellow flowers and many rainbows...just syaing
I would check at an antique store.
what is the european equivlent to walmart or target i say check theres first haha
I would reccomend something, but for someone who though the "im taking it back" in Guten Tag was "Im taking a bath" i dont think itd be too smart to listen to me
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Check out Davids Tea! Not only do they have some pretty cool supplies, the tea is AMAZING!
can i come play music with you and record shit in your studio... plz
i think tom does but he rarley uses it
thks =) It's pitty that Mark didn't answer by himself!
There's a place in Philly, I'm happy to find the name and info for you if you like. Stef
maybe you should try a yellow cups which you had bring last tour
Couldn't you just use the inners of tom's A-hole? I'm sure he won't mind if you atleast give him a daily tickle.
if you have not found anything as of yet you can always go directly to the trading company.  you are in britain so i am sure that are around somewhere.
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