Sometimes when I'm shooting I pay very particular attention to the composition of the shot. Is there a diagonal I can get into the frame somehow (I do so like a nice diagonal)? Can I get a colour match or clash between foreground and background objects? If I take this shot will I get arrested? That sort of thing.

I say sometimes. I mean practically never of course. I'm just not that thoughtful when it comes to photography. This picture is a case in point: did I line up the shot so that the pavement ran from one corner to the other? Like hell I did! Did I notice that the umbrella colours matched the tiles on the road and the advertising board in the rear? You bet your sweet ass I didn't give it a second's thought! Did I wonder if the old woman would hear my shutter firing, turn around, attempt to strike me with the tip of her brolly, force me to defend myself with lethal force, and lead to the spending of the Christmas period answering probing questions in a police station? Briefly, admittedly, but that's true of almost every shot I take.
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