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Don't you just hate people trying to be cool when they're clearly not? Here's a perfect example: a young man, probably a student, who'd got wind that I was going to upload my photo today of me eating a choc ice in the early 1990s, and who'd decided to be ultra hip by reproducing the ultimate coolness embodied in that photo in the street for all to see. Where's the hip hop top? Where's the cut off jeans? And why did he have to go overboard and get a double cone? Kids today just have no idea when it comes to style; it makes me furious!
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You certainly have a creative imagination for a storyline -I rumbled that after reading about the pickpocket yesterday :)
It's only cool if you snap the bottom off to make a mini-cone and then eat the rest of the ice cream using that, without any dropping out on your feet. Everybody knows that.
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