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President Putin's Present

In a wonderfully warm ceremony - a great counterpoint to the cold weather - Chichester was today twinned with Moscow. Vladimir Putin could not attend as he was busy posing topless for Judo Fishermen On Horses Quarterly (Russia's top-selling magazine dealing exclusively with fishermen who like both wearing pyjamas and the feel of a stallion between their thighs). However, to impress the importance of this bond between the two great cities the Russian President did send along an old woman with a headscarf as a gift of friendship. This will be a welcome addition to Chichester's existing collection of old women in odd headwear. President Putin, thank you.
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Ah yes, how could l let my subscription to Judo Fishermen On Horses Quarterly to lapse?
I think the old lady is one of those dolls where one is inside the other and the smallest one is a Russian agent. I shall send my carrier pigeon to Mr Bond to investigate. 
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