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Through The Window

Two posts for #WindowWednesday (+#Window Wednesday) curated by +Simon Kitcher, +Jules Hunter, and +Jason Kowing in one day! And there could have been three since one of the jewellers in Chichester had its front smashed in and a load of stuff nicked too. But I'll limit myself to two.

This was one of those shots taken from the hip while walking; I had no idea at the time if anything was going to be in focus but I liked the end result as these sorts of pictures where there's lots of little things to see throughout the frame appeal to me.
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You say that about everything.
I like these kinds of shots, when you take them from the hip and see what you got later. It captures a moment in time otherwise over looked! Very nice, man!
I agree with Jason. This is my kind of photography. Several interesting layers in the picture.
Cl En
is here any hdr (lightroom nik preset) involved? 
+Cl En No presets, and I don't have Lightroom or Nik, but the procedure I tend to follow is: generate multiple exposures from a single shot, merge them, and then put a semi-transparent hard light layer of the resulting image with some additional custom processing over the top.
Cl En
Ah, got it, old school, i remember my first steps in gimp, layers for tonality, sharpening etc
So cool - going to have to shoot through a window for next week's theme.
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