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A weekend of late nights and lots of drinking - a housewarming party in Basingstoke on Saturday and then Super Bowl last night - and I'm not as young as I used to be thanks to this stupid reality we live in. Shakes fist at linear time.

Fortunately, there's nothing better for clearing the cobwebs than having a day off work and a walk along a windswept beach in February. So that's what we did. Just me, my wife, and Frederick Jackson-Jones, our gull. We've raised Frederick Jackson-Jones from an egg; it was a duck egg but you know me and my tinkering with genetic material. Just can't stop meddling. Frederick Jackson-Jones can be a bit of a miserable pet at home in the Gull Cavern but once he's had his manacles removed and is allowed to fly free he's a different creature altogether. His favourite activity is catching lumps of coal that we throw for him.

A very pleasant couple of hours then on Hayling Island and I feel fully invigorated and ready to tackle the remainder of the week at work. More's the pity.
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It is so great that you guys have a gull that can fly in freedom and still chooses to return home with you!
More's the pity, indeed! One wonders why we take any time off from work if all it does is make us ready for yet more work.
lumps of coal.... I'll try that with out gulls at the lake here next time!
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