Chairs and Tables and Leaves

Oh my.

I often pass this sandwich place at lunchtime where my colleague grabs something upon which to munch; I, of course, stuff myself at my desk (it is the only proper way for a software developer to eat), dropping crumbs all over and between the keys of the keyboard, making sure that the consumption of my lunch actually takes place during what are technically working hours rather than wasting any of the time out of the office when I might possibly miss an interesting shot because I'm picking corned beef off my chin.

This isn't a particularly interesting shot but it was unusual to see it empty of diners. I liked the leaves on the floor (slightly less so when I slipped on some on the approach) and the reflections in the shop window also appealed to me. I'd have submitted it for the Window Wednesday theme but the swine are all on holiday this month. So I shan't.
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