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Birthday Girls

"Look, Ethel! I've got flowers for my birthday!"

"Oh, how lovely Clarissa! I've got a compact, digital camera for mine."

"Flowers are more traditional."

"Indeed they are, although they'll die soon."

"But they smell nice now."

"My camera has that new camera smell."

"My flowers look very pretty."

"I can take pictures of things that look very pretty and keep them forever."

"The stems of my flowers taper to fine, sharp points."

"I don't really see that that's a good thing to... my eye! My eye! What the...! Clarissa! No! Stop!"

It was quite a fight.

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Excellent detail even better imagination:p I like your isolation of the subjects against the extremely busy back drop.
your hysterical and nice photo!!
Mark, this story has a positive mood, good light and DOF. Great work. I very enjoyed it. Thanks. +Mark Hooper Have a good time.
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