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Under Cover

I dunno. You wait ages for a photograph and then two come along at once.

It was snowing this morning on the way to work. As this is England that meant I had plenty of time to observe its prettiness as I sat there inching along in the traffic jam that had suddenly formed because absolutely nobody in this country appears to know what to do when snowflakes turn up on the scene.

It was lovely looking at the inch or so of snow that formed along the side of the dual carriageway, and the boughs of the trees looked truly beautiful. I was genuinely looking forward to getting out at lunch and take some shots.

Did I mention this is England? Well, this is England. The snow had gone and rain had replaced it all within a few hours. Arse.
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There's a certain ubiquity to most British high streets +Lord Parker but if you've been to East Street in Chichester then that would explain the familiarity.
Your narratives are amusing as always, +Mark Hooper.  It snowed in Paris for 5 minutes... As I prepared to go out, it had turned to rain.  It's still raining now.  :(
Irritating indeed! ;-)  But the shot is wonderful!
I like it.  You know, you can go visit Eivind if you want to hang out in the snow, Mark.  ;)
+Jenny Hansen I'm sure he'll be thrilled that you're offering up his hosting services although I won't pretend that we haven't given it some serious consideration.
+Jenny Hansen Is this common knowledge? Did I miss the announcement? When's this planned? Also: excellent stuff!
No announcement, but let's just say my new mantra is "Norge 2014."  ;)  
That's a nice mantra to have. And Europe will benefit from your presence.
lol, I so know how you feel about winter :)
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