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New York City, November 2011

I've finally completed going through the New York photos; thought the day would never come.

This album contains a selection of the pictures taken during our short stay there in November. There's a mix of colour and black and white, processed and straight-out-of-camera, day and night; eclectic like the city itself. I've not included in this album photos that I've uploaded individually prior to today.

For a street photographer New York is a wonderful place to visit and I'd love to go back for a longer stay at some point. My wife was less impressed with the place having expected to be bowled over by the shopping experiences and sights and failing to have those expectations met. Still, I loved it and am very jealous of photographers like +Leanne Staples and +John Frenzel who get to enjoy it and capture it on a regular basis.

Anyway... with these out of the way I can now get on with enjoying Christmas Day the way I planned to: in the company of alcohol. Merry Christmas to anyone on Google+ today.
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Have really enjoyed catching with your over the pond photographic adventure :)
Don't take the missus next time instead!
Some great images in that series Mark. Well done mate! :)
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