Showing Pink

"Excuse me ladies!" I shouted, causing the pair of them to turn around. "You're showing pink!" I helpfully added, pointing just below their midriff areas with a smile on my face.

They looked embarrassed which hadn't been my intention. As a keen follower of style I feel it's my duty to impart any advice wherever and whenever I think it's required and right then I felt that these two were in need of a handy heads-up about their joint fashion faux pas.

The embarrassment, however, was followed by some flustered checking of one another's nether regions, synchronised confusion, and then anger. I too was getting the first tingling sensation of confusion at this point. What was it they weren't understanding?

The ladies approached me swiftly. They're after some clarification or are going to thank me, I thought, more out of hope than any real expectation that this was going to take place in the very near future.

I was beaten to a bloody pulp and left for dead. One of them stubbed her cigarette out on my forehead.

#StreetPhotography curated by +Tatiana Parmeeva +Thorsten von Eyb +Maria Roco
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